Top 5 Mistakes while Charging Your Smartphone | Top 5 Suggestions to Extend Battery Life


One of the most common ways to continue using the capabilities of the smartphone is to charge it. Otherwise, anytime its power runs out, the gadget will switch off and cannot be turned back on. This necessitates periodic connection of the charger to the power source. There are a few crucial considerations you must make, though.

The great majority of users rarely think about charging their phones and often wait until the damage is irreparable before doing so. This is because they completely ignore concepts that are important but that the makers do not explain to you. Consider these recommendations if you want your phone to last as long as possible.

How to properly charge your smartphone

There are several errors you might make when charging the battery of your mobile device. The top three will be our main emphasis this time. To increase the device's lifespan and postpone the need to replace your phone, try to avoid these mistakes as much as you can.

Use branded chargers

One of the largest mistakes, as well as one of the most common, is using chargers for smartphones that are of dubious origin. It is essential to utilize it in this respect because the vast majority of manufacturers provide the official connector and charger in the package, along with the device.

If not, look for one that is compatible with your smartphone at a reputable or authorized vendor. This also applies to the cable because a power loss might cause internal damage to one of these two parts. This allows you to squeeze the quick charge without incurring any long-term problems.

Don't always wait for it to fully charge

Some individuals decide to charge their smartphone when they see the notification alerting them to the battery-saving option, which frequently shows when it reaches 20%, even though it is possible to alter it. It's critical to pay attention to the phone in these circumstances and to plug it in as soon as the alarm sounds.

The recommended load percentage, according to specialists, lies between 20% and 80%. In fact, once they reach this last number, many cellphones begin to slow. The autonomy of the gadget will be decreased if it does not always begin charging before reaching its minimum energy level or, alternatively, if it is always fully charged until it reaches 100%.

Remove the charger socket after charging

Modern smartphones may stop charging when the battery is fully charged. But this doesn't mean the charger stops working; on the contrary, if we let the battery run out, it will restart to recharge its capacity. Additionally, we advise not using the smartphone while it is charging.

This is the case since the smartphone won't have to work twice as hard while also lowering to charge the battery. Additionally, all of this has the potential to harm the device's cells, which will reduce its lifespan and length.

Heat shortens battery life

In addition to the above listed parameters, the temperature plays a significant influence in endurance and extending battery life. In actuality, it could pose the biggest risk to the long-term viability of batteries. When kept at high temperatures, the battery is put under stress and loses capacity much more quickly than when stored at low temperatures.

While the smartphone is charging, stop using it

It is extremely detrimental to play video games or view movies while charging since it distorts the charging cycle. It causes the smartphone battery to heat up but poses little risk of harming it.

Five suggestions to extend the life of your smartphone's battery

  • A full cycle (0-100%) and overnight charging should be avoided. Instead, more regularly recharge your smartphone with half charges.
  • It is better for the battery to stop charging around 80–90% as opposed to 100%.
  • Make careful use of speedy charging technologies while your smartphone is cool.
  • The main cause of battery death is heat. Avoid hot places with your phone, and don't cover it while it charges.
  • Avoid playing demanding games, streaming videos, or performing other heavy tasks while charging to reduce heat and mini-cycles.

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