5 Incredible New Features Have Just been Added to WhatsApp

Users of WhatsApp may expect a growing number of new app features shortly. We sometimes report on big updates to the most widely used messaging app that are gradually making their way through the ever expanding list of functions it offers.

Over the past several weeks, the app has undergone a number of modifications. Even while each new edition's improvements frequently take some time to show up in the app, they pave the path for the introduction of exciting new features. The most significant updates to WhatsApp over the previous several weeks will be thoroughly examined in this post.

New Whatsapp Features

1024 members for Whatsapp groups

The number of participants in a WhatsApp group has been steadily growing over time. The cap was set at 256 people in 2017; it was increased to 512 in May of this year; and it will now be lifted once more to 1,024 members.

It makes a lot of sense to boost WhatsApp's group size restriction. WhatsApp now aims to provide an experience more akin to what Discord or Telegram groups can provide, moving beyond just two-person chat. Discord allows 500,000 users per server, but Telegram only allows 200,000 users per group. As a result, there is still a lot to accomplish.

Premium Membership

Whatsapp will be made profitable by Meta. The business app's beta version now gives users access to WhatsApp Premium. The platform will formally announce a monthly membership. Participants in the WhatsApp beta programme may visit the program's settings on their devices right away to access the new WhatsApp Premium menu. They will have the ability to create distinctive contact URLs using the subscription.

This URL can be changed by users once every three months. Despite the fact that, as a business, you might want your customers to remember your address. After that, other users will once again be allowed to alter the URL. Similar to the actual 4 devices, WhatsApp Premium provides account sharing across 10 devices. This functionality would improve teamwork among employees who wish to utilise a single account for their company.

Privacy Function for Single Viewing

Whatsapp is started to push out privacy-focused features. The current version number of WhatsApp for Android is According to this update, it will not be able to capture screenshots or videos of anything marked as "View once."

When you try to save media with WhatsApp's "View once" feature activated, a message stating "Cannot capture screenshots due to security regulations" will appear. Users responded differently to this alteration, which was being tested among beta users.

To shoot photos or videos, a second phone or tablet might be used. Additionally, we think that WhatsApp Web users can circumvent this security safeguard by using recording applications. When this feature will be accessible in the stable version is unknown. It is now accessible through WhatsApp's Android beta.

WhatsApp for iPad and Android Tablets

WhatsApp will soon be available for iPad and Android smartphones. This feature has been frequently requested by users of the most widely used messaging programme in the world, which is now accessible on PC, Android, and iOS.

First off, only individuals who have signed up for the beta programme have access to this function while it is still being tested. It's also crucial to note that the WABetaInfo website, which is constantly looking for new features for this instant messaging programme, helped make its discovery possible.

In actuality, Android messaging software versions and were where WhatsApp for tablets first appeared. It must be emphasised that utilising it is really easy. It's possible to include the tablet as a new linked device. Additionally, accessing WhatsApp on the tablet will no longer require an internet connection on the smartphone.

Hide Your Online Status

Finally, WhatsApp gives you the choice of hiding your online status from other users who are concurrently logged into the programme. The popular messenger's users have previously had access to this functionality.

The Last saw section's options won't change. In addition, a new option named "Who can see when I'm online" will be accessible. We may also select "Everyone," "My contacts, except," or "Nobody." You also have the choice between "Everyone" and "Same as last saw." Users of both iOS and Android have begun to receive this crucial privacy enhancement.

Modifying Messages is the Most Anticipated Feature

Changing the messages that have already been delivered will soon be a reality. The necessary components of this functionality are being gradually finished by WhatsApp. Therefore, it wouldn't be unexpected if it was officially introduced within the following few days.

The WhatsApp beta for Android version now includes a text warning that will appear inside the bubbles of messages that have been edited after being sent.

On the other hand, WhatsApp users will have fifteen minutes to edit a message. You won't be able to change anything beyond this point.

When the recipient's phone is turned off for a while and then turned back on several hours later, WhatsApp cannot guarantee that they will see the changed version of the message. Similar things occur when someone permanently delete messages for everyone.

The creator of the messaging software has not yet provided a launch date for WhatsApp Edited Messages. To ensure you get the newest features and to keep your software updated, we strongly advise you to download the most recent version of the application.

The launch date for the editing capability for WhatsApp messages is yet unknown. The launch procedure might take weeks or months, as usual. like how newly tested features function.

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