Brain Teaser IQ Test: Find Exit Door Number 4 for the Cute Princess in 20 seconds!

Identify the Door Number 4 that the Princess can use to depart the building in the following brain teaser IQ test. Only intelligent individuals can recognise the proper escape door in 20 seconds!

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Based on the choices you make while attempting to solve the provided problem, this IQ test is a fun method to gauge your level of intellect. These sorts of mind puzzle challenge need you to thoroughly study the issue and use logical reasoning together with analytical thinking to determine the solution. Simple riddles are made more fascinating by Brain Teasers by giving the puzzles a fun component. The solution won't be directly in front of you, so you'll need to use your imagination to find it. Therefore, we've created a fun brainteaser in which you have to figure out which Door Number 4 the princess in the image needs to use to depart. (For More Puzzles and Brain Teasers IQ Test)

Brain Teaser IQ Test: Find Exit Door Number 4 for the Princess in 20 seconds!

You must locate Door Number 4 in the image above so that the Princess can leave the tower. According to the riddle, a princess was imprisoned in a tower. She learned that the fourth door was her route out. There are, however, just 3 doors. How will she locate door number four? Among the three doors, Door Number 4 must be located.

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Before responding to this riddle, you must carefully examine the image since the solution is straightforward but challenging. Make careful you don't scroll too far and cheat since the answers to this brainteaser are immediately below the question.

Brain Teaser Answer is here:

You can spot the exit door in the picture by paying close attention to the symbols on the doors. Let's examine the door symbols in more depth now:

The number 4 is made up of the sign on the first door.
The number 1 is made up of the sign on the second door.
The number 2 is made up of the sign on the third door.

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Image Source: Bright Side

The first door the princess can use to exit the tower is Door Number 4, which is the solution to this mental quiz.

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The aforementioned puzzle will amusingly test your intelligence and observational abilities. For these riddles to be solved within the allotted time, lateral thinking is more important than mathematical ability. But if you quickly identified the solution, you'll undoubtedly feel successful. This puzzle is just one more entertaining technique to determine your IQ level. However, taking a real IQ test is an excellent approach to determine your degree of intelligence.

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