British jockey was fined and two-month suspension due to "improper conduct"

Harry Bentley, a 31-year-old British jockey, was fined more than £30,000 for trying to give information on his horse to someone who wasn't the animal's owner or connected to it.

Harry Bentley, a British jockey, admitted to "improper conduct" and was sentenced to more than £30,000 in fines and a two-month suspension.

Bentley has spoken out on his massive fine and ban.
Bentley has spoken out on his massive fine and ban.

Since November 3rd, Bentley, 31, has been barred from all racing. Even though he never received the money, he has now been penalized for disclosing information about the horses he was riding in exchange for a possible cash reward.

Stewards reported that Bentley, a rider in Hong Kong, had discussed his horse over the phone with a person who was not the owner nor connected to the horses in any anyway. Bentley never received the money he was promised in exchange for his knowledge, despite their agreement.

"The stewards took into consideration his guilty plea in determining penalty," HKJC Chief Steward Marc van Gestel said in a statement.

"The nature and circumstances of the violation, including that the evidence indicated that Mr Bentley did not receive the cash as specified, Mr Bentley’s personal and professional circumstances at the time of the offense and his pristine record in regard to previous breaches.

"In light of the situation, Mr. Bentley's jockey license to compete in races was banned for two months, beginning on November 3, 2023, the day the stewards stood him down in accordance with Rule 12 (15), and ending on January 3, 2024.

"In addition, Mr Bentley was fined a sum of HK$300,000 (£31,379)."

Bentley made his own announcement early on Tuesday. It said, "I would want to express my gratitude to the Hong Kong Jockey Club for their thoughtfulness during the steward's investigation into a singular occurrence that happened when I was a newcomer to both Hong Kong and the racing world.

"I want to be very clear that this accusation has nothing to do with receiving cash before a race, betting, wagering, or providing recommendations. I kindly request that the public have faith in the Hong Kong Jockey Club's ruling and believe that, had this been the case, I would not have been penalized as much as I have.

"My goal has always been to place my horse in the greatest possible position; this has never been in doubt. I acknowledge that I ought to have studied the Rules in Hong Kong more thoroughly, and I promise to try more in the future."

Following the expiration of his ban on January 3, Bentley will be eligible to resume racing.

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