How drinking before sex impacts your penis and fertility - and it's not good news (Working)

Alcohol use may occasionally be enjoyable, but it may be having an adverse effect on your sex life.

Experts have now explained why drinking alcohol may affect your penis just before jiggy time.

On a night out, enjoying a few drinks may be a lot of fun.

How drinking before sex impacts your penis and fertility -  and it's not good news (Working)
How drinking before sex impacts your penis and fertility.

However, did you realize that drinking can be interfering with your sex? Men's sex drive and sexual satisfaction may decline as a result of binge drinking alcohol.

Moreover, it can make them more susceptible to erectile dysfunction. According to a recent study conducted by Indian experts, it's not good for you over the long run either.They stated: "Prolonged and heavy use can lead to sexual dysfunction." At Jorhat's 5 Air Force Hospital, Dr. Bhupendra Yadav continued, "Sex and alcohol have always been linked since the beginning of time."  

He went on: "By lowering inhibitions and easing nervousness, it could aid in the start of sexual activity.

But drinking seriously impairs practically every aspect of sexual functioning, not only erectile dysfunction."

In the UK, 16.5 million of the 32.9 million males (mostly in the 40–70 age range) have erectile dysfunction as of 2019.

Every year, the NHS spends millions of pounds treating erectile dysfunction; in 2022, prescription drugs will cost £18.3 million. Although alcohol intake may contribute, it may also indicate the presence of an underlying medical issue.

The most recent study examined the effects of alcohol on several aspects of bedroom activities and was published in the Elsevier publication Medical publication Armed Forces India. The poll included about 78 men who were all between the ages of 20 and 50.

They looked examined how their alcohol use affected their ability to have sexual relations at an alcohol treatment center. It found that 77% of participating males experienced problems with their sexual functioning, with pleasure accounting for 71% of these concerns.

Additionally, 61% of boys showed reduced levels of sexual desire, and 48% reported having trouble experiencing orgasms. In the meanwhile, 44% experienced erectile dysfunction.

"The whole spectrum of sexual functioning was found to be significantly affected," stated Dr. Yadav. These results contradict with earlier research that identified premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction as the most prevalent conditions."

The researchers discovered a clear relationship between the severity of the problems and the amount of alcohol consumed. Essentially, the likelihood of having difficulties increases with alcohol use.

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