Snooker fans were confused by Anthony McGill's unusual cue against Ronnie O'Sullivan

When snooker fans saw Anthony McGill play against Ronnie O'Sullivan in the UK Snooker Championship.

Championship, they were confused to find that the Scotsman was using an unconventional cue.

Championship, they were startled to see the Scotsman's black cue.

Against O'Sullivan, the Scotsman utilized a carbon fiber cue while sporting a black glove.
Against O'Sullivan, the Scotsman utilized a carbon fiber cue while sporting a black glove.

This week's competition, which takes place at York's Barbican Centre, put McGill up against O'Sullivan, who is vying for his seventh UK Snooker Championship, in the opening round of the 2023 competition.On the other hand, while some fans were only interested in the activity taking on in front of them, others were making a big deal out of the two people seated at the table's clothes on social media.

Although viewers saw O'Sullivan wearing sneakers during his match against McGill, many were upset over the latter's carbon fiber cue and the glove he was wearing on his left hand. Many viewers expressed their opinions on social media following O'Sullivan and McGill's altercation, with one commenter posing the question, "Where has manners gone?

"Watching the snooker McGill wearing a glove, playing with what looks like a pool cue and leaving his chalk on the table, utter d** of a guy," said another fan on social media.

Someone another commented: "Ronnie wearing trainers playing against Mcgill who’s wearing a glove & playing with a carbon fibre cue absolutely blows my mind."

"What the fuck is McGill playing? It's not pub pool, with a glove on, some dodgy looking cue (never been a snooker cue), and ffs pick up your chalk and put it back in your pocket," said a third, agitatedly. "Where are the manners now?!"

A fourth person stated: "McGill left his chalk on the table, wore a black glove, and used a black cue. For me, no."

A fifth person remarked, "McGill is using a carbon cue, Ronnie is wearing trainers, and there is chalk on the table like a pikey and a w***ing glove." "Have I entered a different dimension @WeAreWST?"

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