Hyun-A is full of sexy with her 'sporty look' for latest PUMA 'Cell Endura': HD Pics/Wallpapers

Former member of girl group 4minute, South Korean Singer Hyun-A attends the photocall for PUMA 'Cell Endura' on January 25, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea | Actress, Models, Girls, Women, Celebrities, Photos, News, Pictures, Images, 4K Wallpapers, Full HD Photos
Hyuna shocked netizens with her 'sporty look' for PUMA.

Hyuna attended a PUMA event in Hannam-dong Seoul on the afternoon of the 25th and many netizens were shocked to see her new look. 

Many noticed that Hyuna was looking more skinnier that ever and left comments like "what's with her face?", "she looks sickly...is she on drugs?", "what did she do to her face?" "she used to have such high cheekbones."

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