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Top 10 Biggest Boobs with Bra Size in Bollywood All Time

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Having the best breasts in the business can nice or curse for them but they definitely love to celebrate their bodies on men’s magazines. Some of the Bollywood babes are blessed with the best boobs in the industry. While thanks to the surgery that all of them are not the natural one’s but they still makes most men go wild.

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10. Mallika Sherawat

As we all know mallika sherawat for her bold scenes rather than her acting. That is not the case, as she is the finest actor in bollywood, who has also appeared in hollywood movies alongside with the great actor jackie chen. Apart from her acting, she has a great figure and sexiest boobs in the bollywood.

Bra/Cup size : 34C

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9. Kangana Ranaut

One of the most beautiful actress in the Bollywood. Shown her talent in a super hit movie queen. Alongside her acting ,her figure is hottest in B town and she has the most beautiful and well proportioned boobs in Bollywood.

Bra/Cup size : 32B

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8. Rakhi Sawant

Seriously, No one cares about rakhi including me. But I have no choice, she has got  big asset to show off. I have never seen any movie of her so I really don't know about her acting.

Bra/Cup size : 36C

7. Sonakshi Sinha

One of the most talented actress in the bollywood. Who acquired heart of the people by her performance in dabangg alongside with salman khan. She really worked hard on her figure to get in a perfect shape. which made me include her in the list. She has the best boobs in bollywood.

Bra/Cup Size: 36D

6. Vidya Balan

Dirty vidya has blown our mind after her incredible performance in Dirty Picture. Vidya is the most versatile  actress in the bollywood who has played various characters throughout her life.

But we shouldn't forget her boobs over her acting. Best boobs we've ever seen.

Bra/Cup size : 34C

5. Bipasha Basu

The Bengoli bombshell. She has got a hot figure and said to be the most sexy actress in the Bollywood. Her boobs doesn’t let you go without noticing them.

Bra/Cup Size: 34D

4. Deepika Padukone

The Actress known for her coy smile. She was super model at kingfisher before starting her career in Bollywood. The girl has one of the best boobs in the industry and know how to fill out in bikini.

Bra size/Cup : 34B

3. Zarine Khan

Zarine being a talented actress always goes unnoticed . But only noticeable thing she has is her boobs. That is the reason she is on the third position this list.

Bra/Cup size : 36D

2. Amisha patel

She started her acting carrier in the blockbuster movie kaho na pyaar hai. After that movie her performance went down exponentially. But people still remember her for her massive boobs.

Bra/Cup size : 36D

1. Ayesha Takia

Nobody in the Bollywood can challenge her when it comes to boobs. She has the biggest of biggest boobs in the Bollywood. And she is proud of her boobs. Just forget about her acting , enjoy her boobs.

Bra/Cup size : 36DD

All Time: Aishwarya Rai

Probably the queen of Bollywood. she was the highest paid actress in the bollywood. she earned around 10 million us dollar per movie. The gorgeous lady however married the ugliest man " Son of amitabh bacchan". Of course she has the hottest boobs in the industry.

Bra/Cup size : 34B


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