10 Things You Didn't Know About Aquaman's Amber Heard & Ex Wife of Johnny Depp

Her complete name is Amber Laura Heard and she was born on April 22, 1986 in Austin, Texas. Her sign is Taurus. She is 5’ 8” tall, and weighs exactly (and forever!) 121 pounds. Bra size: 32B. Her measurements are stunningly perfect: 32-24-34. And in case you want to buy her a pair of Jimmy Choos, her shoe size is 8.
If you are a fan of model and actress Amber Heard, then you probably know all those facts by heart. And you were ecstatic when she divorced Johnny Depp because you figured that now her heart would be free for you to conquer. Alas, Heard, who is about to star alongside Jason Momoa and Nicole Kidman in the long anticipated Aquaman, has recently declared she is ready to “settle down” with her new beau, Elon Musk.
However, no matter whom she marries (or divorces) next, we won’t give up on Amber because she is one of the few beautiful things out there which brighten our days. And because we can’t get enough of Heard, here come 15 wow-facts about her you will certainly find curious. And a bit perplexing. And probably unbelievable. But they are 100 percent true.

10- She Is Bi-Curious (Same Sex)
Ladies, rejoice! It seems there is a lot Amber can offer to you, too. If she is in the proper mood, of course. She came out as bisexual in 2010. Back then, one could spot her all over Hollywood with her then girlfriend Tasya van Ree. The two dated for four years before they separated in 2012. She was warned on many occasions that identifying as bisexual could negatively impact her career. “Yes, it did impact my career,” she says. “It was difficult because no one had done it, but I did it because everyone was telling me it would end my career, without a doubt. But I rolled my eyes at that, and I said, 'Watch me do it!' And I did it.”

As for Johnny Depp and her relationship with him, Heard claims her sexuality was never a big deal.

9- She Doesn’t Like To Watch TV
For someone whose face is constantly on screen, you may find it strange that Amber Heard actually hates TV and would very rarely spend time watching it. Yet, she appeared on more than one or two TV shows. Before 2007, she made guest appearances on a couple of shows, among which are The O.C., Criminal Minds and Californication. Then, she did 8 episodes on Hidden Palms - a teen TV drama series set in Palm Springs, CA. In the 2011 NBC crime drama series The Playboy Club, she played Playboy Bunny Maureen. The show was cancelled after only three episodes due to low ratings. Well, it seems that even with Amber Heard wearing a bunny tail, a lame TV show still cannot make numbers rise…

Heard’s last TV appearance was as herself in the much more successful series Overhaulin'.

We wonder if she watched this one.

8- She Was Fined $1000 For Smuggling… Dogs
The one-day trial, in which Heard pleaded guilty, was humorously called “the war on terrier”. Remember why?

In spring of 2016, the actress was prosecuted for illegally bringing her and then husband Depp’s dogs into Australia. The couple apologized for smuggling their two terriers, Pistol and Boo, with a video in which Depp ironically called the Australians “just as unique as their wildlife.” Heard was found guilty on falsifying customs declaration by ticking a box on her passenger arrival card indicating they had no animals with them when the celebrity family arrived in Brisbane in a private jet. Her punishment was a one-month good behavior bond of $1000. The funniest thing about this trial was that Depp nodded off during the hearing and had to be elbowed by Heard.

7- She Loves Classic Cars
…and actually collects them. The girl is truly into them. “I spend all my money on classic cars,” she said in an interview in 2012. “I’ve had loads. Right now, I acquired a 1968 Mustang and a 1967 Mercedes 250SL. I try to fix them up myself as much as I can, buying parts on eBay.” While still married to Johnny Depp, many speculated that she might actually love her Mustang more than her husband. Her appearance on Overhaulin' was instigated by Depp and Heard’s father. They decided to play a joke on her, and convinced her the authorities were confiscating the beat-up muscle car she loved so much. Of course, Heard fell for the prank. She was able to get over the embarrassment and confusion only after she realized what was happening. Her reaction to the finished product proved that the shock she went through was all worth it.

6- She Met Johnny Depp On The Set Of The Rum Diary (2010)
Depp met his future second former wife on the set of The Rum Diary, where he played an unsuccessful actor who gets a job at a newspaper in Puerto Rico. There, he meets Heard’s character, Chenault, and is immediately smitten with her. This, however, happened also in real life. From now on, Depp would call Heard his “Southern Belle”. At that time, Depp was still in a rock-solid relationship with Vanessa Paradis, and Heard was dating Taysa van Ree. Depp’s fondness of Heard became obvious during interviews promoting the movie. “She’s of another era,” he’d say. “It’s like walking into a room and meeting Lauren Bacall or Betty Davis. She is quite something, you know. She’s very special.”

The couple didn’t start dating until two years later, after they both split from their partners.

5- She Has One Of The Sexist Bodies In Hollywood
You won’t hear the leggy beauty say, “Oh, it’s just good genes.” And you’re not going to buy this anyway. She watches what she eats and drinks. Heard sticks to a pretty basic diet regime. She doesn’t consume processed foods, and eats mainly lean proteins, veggies, and whole foods. She doesn’t like hitting the gym. This is how she describes her workout routine, “I do move, I do work out. I like to hike, I run, I ride horses. I just like to keep it fun and mix it up.” Additionally, she takes Pilates and plays tennis. Of course, the actress knows how the industry works. “I did plenty of topless scenes. But that was paying a small price, which you have to do to go further.” You may bet we’ve seen them all, those topless scenes, and we praise God for them! And her workout regime.

4- She Has Guns
We can kinda understand why Amber Heard is passionate about vintage cars, but guns? Really? OK, she doesn’t keep the "masculine" type of guns in her car’s glove compartment, nothing flashy or scary, but still her weapons are quite impressive. She owns a .357 Magnum and a .38 with a pearl handle. The latter was given to her by her father, David, as a parting gift when she left Texas for L.A.

Dad doesn’t have to worry about his daughter being in the big city and all, because Amber certainly knows how to take care of herself. She has proven on multiple occasions that she is not just a pretty face and great body. Few people know that she is a certified lifeguard and is fluent in Spanish and… sign language.

3- She Donated Her Divorce Settlement Money To Charity
In January 2016, the divorce between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was finalized. The statement released confirmed a settlement, which, among other things, included the domestic violence papers filed by Heard six months earlier. “Our relationship," the settlement reads, “was passionate and at times volatile, but always bound by love. Neither part has made false accusations for financial gains. Amber will be donating financial proceeds from the divorce for charity.” Depp agreed to pay Heard $7 million – a sum which made people doubt that Heard was serious about her intention to donate the money to charity. However, she pledged to split the sum between L.A. Children’s Hospital and the American Civil Liberties Union with a focus on domestic violence. This comes as no surprise, as the actress has always been an advocate for domestic violence survivors. And for sick kids, of course.

2- Her Net Worth Is $9 Million. And Rising!
After the divorce with Depp, everybody wondered how much she was getting. The 53-year-old veteran actor has a current net worth of $400 million, while Heard has (only) 9. Many people called her a gold digger on social media, which she proved she’s not, as she declared she was going to donate the settlement sum of $7 million to charitable projects. But hold on, her bank account is nevertheless getting stronger and is expected to increase as a couple of movies with her participation are about to be released in the course of the next 8 to 10 months. We will be seeing her in London Fields, the comedy I Do…Until I Don’t, Justice League, and of course, Aquaman.

But although Heard works hard to earn her own money, some evil tongues continue to accuse her of using her men for their fortune. What else could be the reason behind her dating Elon Musk? Well, we don’t doubt she has fallen for him because of his good heart.

1- She Played Powerful Character In Aquaman As Her Male Counterpart
Let us tell you only this: Amber Heard is going to be amazing as Mera in the new Warner Bros high-budgeted movie Aquaman! And we are not making assumptions. If you are a fan, you must have already watched the leaked video showing her using her supernatural powers. A YouTuber uploaded a video from the set of Aquaman in Amnesty Bay, on the docks outside of the Sunken Galleon. In it, a random drunk stumbles over Mera, to which she reacts by making her beer explode.
Aquaman, which is expected to be a big success in 2018, takes place after the events in Justice League. However, there are going to be a lot of flashbacks that explain the origin of Arthur Curry in the DCEU. We simply can’t wait to see how Amber’s going to rock her comics-accurate skin tight costume!

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