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With more than 2 million followers on Instagram, incredible looks, a darling of the most important brands in the world and a born talent for business, Camila Coutinho proves that she is more than a blogger or digital influencer. She is a communicator and business woman.

It is Wednesday and Camila, who lives in Recife, has just landed in São Paulo for a series of appointments in the city. Among them is #Makeapromise, which celebrates a year of partnership between Louis Vuitton and UNICEF. Life has changed a lot since in 2006 she created the blog Stupid Girls - which today has more than one million followers on Instagram, 600,000 Facebook subscribers and 270,000 subscribers on Youtube.
I'm waiting for Camila in the HQ of the French label in town, where she will choose a look to wear the next night - she will host the celebration next to Thássia Naves.

Camila leaves the elevator and, as soon as she sees me, she says, "Juuu, how long have you been?" We were introduced a long time ago, we worked together on some occasions. But the sympathy and the deal of the fashionista are not exclusive to well-known acquaintances. One of the greatest qualities, if not talent, of Pernambuco is to be pleasant and attentive to everyone - even though her day is not being the best.
She sees herself in a photo in one of the office rooms and already pulls out the iPhone to share the click on the InstaStories. I ask about your recent trip to Noronha and we get a good chat while we wait to enter the test room. Camila tells me about her new year, says that she has lectured with personal trainer Marcio Lui for every day she was in São Paulo and talks about the stripped-down look she wore the day before. The subject always flows.
We are called by the RP of Vuitton and, already inside the evidence room, Camila examines some dresses in the macaws. Without delay, he hits his eye on a blue model, proves and says, "That's it!".

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