"Murder of Dreams" :Log Kya Sochen Gay

A story based on: What are people gonna think? (log kya sochein gy)

Writer: Husnain Raza❤    Composer and Editor : CEO❤


Affaq was a guy living in a town with his parents and an elder brother! He was good at animation and he wanted to work in an animation company and he wanted to make cartoons and animated films but his parents were just the same as any other parent on earth who want there son/daughter to top the board and make them proud by killing your own dreams murdering them without arguing!

 Affaq was on his comp making an animation when he was only 17 he was making a family movie it was just 4 minutes long but it was a really good movie though he called his friend Ahmed and told him that he made it...
he is so happy and he is gonna show this to his father first and at the same time:
His father called him...

Affaq...Affaqqqqq...3rd time with much aggression Affaqqqqq...???

Affaq ran towards his house and He went to the Tv room where his Baba was sitting watching news.

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