Neymar Jr. Girlfriend Bruna Marquezine exclusive interview talks about feminism, fashion and inspirations

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It was early afternoon on a Wednesday that we met Bruna Marquezine in the lobby of the Brighton hotel on rue de Rivoli in Paris. She wore white T-shirts, jeans, a fake green cloak and Gucci shoes. With a serenity that opposes the effervescence of the French capital during this time of year.

It's Paris fashion week and the leonine is there to follow some parades - among them Off-White , by Virgil Abloh, and, in the coming days,  Miu Miu . "I'm going to wear this embroidered dress with a fringed leather fringe," she says, excited by the look signed by Miuccia Prada for her first performance.

She and the Italian creator have something in common. Although Mrs. Prada does not have a profile on Instagram with more than 30 million followers, in case of the Brazilian actress, they communicate a tone of power and inspiration for women of several generations. Miuccia is known for sewing her collections for a feminist bias. There are countless seasons in which the stylist presents her themes involving strong women, aiming for an independent life, of self-confidence and freedom.

Recently, Bruna made her public position on the subject. In her social networks, she brought a discourse of sorority, with fewer judgments, especially in relation to the body. With maturity, she debated how people-most often other women-profess their views irresponsibly in an era of seeking acceptance.
"If you're too thin or chubby, that's your business. If you're healthy, that's what matters, "comments Bruna in one of his videos. "I think it's important to be satisfied with our body. I like to look in the mirror and feel good. And I am! ", He adds.

The impact was immediate. All this talk serves to get rid of old-fashioned relationships and deconstructive behaviors on the internet, an environment in which, mistakenly, one can "everything." "And I do not say that they should not make criticisms of my photos, but of anyone," he says. Here, exclusively for L'Officiel Brasil, the actress opens more on her thoughts, sincere and inspiring.
L'OFFICIEL: A video in which you quote that you are learning every day more about feminism viralized in social networks, reaching millions of views. How did you get into the subject?

BRUNA MARQUEZINE: I seek this learning by talking with other women, reading on the subject, reflecting on the attitudes I have and what I have been taught to have. I think change comes from self-analysis too: being open to looking around, learning and transforming. Recently I watched Nanette (2018) , a stand-up comedian Hanna Gadsby, who showed me new points of view, questioning and reflections. And there's a series I love: The Handmaid's Tale - The Tale of Aia (2017) . It is very impressive and also provokes many reflections.

L'OFF: You also made a series of posts about body acceptance. Does that openness about women's power issues happening globally have influenced you?

BM: Yes. I think that not only did I come to better understand what my body means to me, but also what it means to be a woman today in Brazil and in the world. We are all victims of charges to be within unattainable standards. We are judged. Who is more exposed, like me, because of work, is even more a constant target of this virtual cruelty. The video was not something planned, but I felt a lot of desire to express myself and try to make people rethink all this. Both those who make the criticism and have no notion of the possible horrible consequences of this as the victims, who should not accept this charge. It is urgent that the world has more empathy. I wanted somehow to contribute to this feminist voice, which is already echoing ever stronger. Good. Yes, we women have to love more and more,
L'OFF: Within this scenario, how do you view beauty and its tools?

BM: Above all, I like to feel good, healthy and in balance. I do not want to look perfect, and I do not even look for it. Especially because I speak to a very young audience, girls younger than me, who are going through a phase in which they want to be accepted and end up comparing themselves a lot. I want the opposite, in fact. I want to encourage women not to compete with each other, to accept themselves and to seek what is best and more comfortable for them.

L'OFF: In addition to these public accounts in videos, how do you act in your circle of friendships and family to empower women around?

BM: I talk a lot with friends and family as well. I think it's important to debate. And there is one thing I seek to do - and I think it is important too - that is to praise another woman, to talk about the characteristics that inspire me in other women, to praise what is positive in them. I think this also makes us create strength.
L'OFF: Are you afraid to speak publicly about feminism?

BM: I'm not afraid. I think it's a fundamental issue and I see that strength only grows. More and more people are getting informed and rethinking. We are only going to empower women and change the sad statistics, such as the rates of feminicide and the huge wage inequality between men and women, talking a lot.

L'OFF: In social networks, where you are very strong (with more than 30 million followers on Instagram), what are the five public figures you follow and are inspired by?

BM: I would choose six people who inspire me to move on, to see the world in a different way:
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