PSL 4: Is Shoaib Akhtar coming back?

Shoaib Akhtar on Monday piqued curiosity of his fans with a latest video message announcing his come back.

"Kids these days think they know a lot of things, and they also think they can challenge my speed too.

 So kids, I am coming back and will show you what speed is. I, too, will play the league. So this is my announcement, now stay safe." Akhar says in a video posted on his Twitter account without revealing what he is up to.
Former captain Wasim Akram was equally surprised by the speedstar's video message.

"Shaibi.. Is this actually happening? You’re coming back? The kids these days could use some of your tezi. #shoaibisback," Akram  wrote while commenting on Akhtar's video message.

The fans are speculating that Shoaib Akhtar might have    joined the Pakistan Super League  (PSL) in some capacity.

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