Russian Sexiest Naked Model Killed after Rape: Karina Shankina Pics/Wallpapers

Model, 20, ‘raped and drowned in bath by maniac dad-of-two after he tried to rent her flat as a love nest for his affairs’

Karina Shankina, 20, had been showing a man around her apartment after she advertised for a tenant but cops believe he suddenly lunged at her before subjecting her to a sex assault and brutal murder

A model was savagely raped, beaten unconscious and then drowned by a prospective tenant she was showing around her home.
The naked body of Karina Shankina, 20, was found floating in the bath of her apartment in the Russian city of Orenburg after her mum reported her missing.

Cops then found fingerprints that identified the murder suspect as a 31-year-old married father of two small children, who had been keen to rent Miss Shankina’s flat.

They say he wanted the property as his love nest for an extramarital affair with an unknown woman.

But when he was shown around the flat by Miss Shankina, who had advertised for a tenant, he attacked her.

A report, based on sources in the murder investigation, said: “He raped Karina and decided to kill her because he feared she would go to police.

“He knocked her unconscious, filled the bath with water, lifted Karina into the bath and drowned her.

“Then he left the flat. But he left his fingerprints.”
He raped Karina and decided to kill her because he feared she would go to police :Police Report

Police detained the man at home where he was watching TV with his wife and kids.

He initially admitted the rape and murder, but then retracted his admission confession, said law enforcement. 

The suspect, who has not yet been named by police, has been charged with murder.

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