Beautiful Pakistan - Kumrat Valley (قصہ کمراٹ کی وادی) Pics, Detail: Tourism Guide

Kumrat Valley is a charming valley in Upper Dir district of KPK province in Pakistan. It is one of the beautiful valleys of Pakistan, and a picturesque spot for travelers. Every summer season thousands of tourists from different areas of the country visit to Kumrat valley and enjoy the pristine greenery and cool weather.

Unlike Kalam region of Swat valley, Kumrat is covered with lush green pastures, snow clad mountains, gushing river Panjkora, mesmeric foggy mounds and romantic forests are ever alluring attractions of the region, which serve as habitats for variety of flora & fauna. It is located in the Upper Dir Kohistan region at the back side of which Swat Kohistan area of Gabral is located.

Below is a list compiled to help tourists in making their next trip to Kumrat Valley a product one. Must visit these tourist destinations while your visit to this valley.

Flora & Fauna

Deodar forest is fast depleting in Dir kohistan valley and it continues unhindered as the locals claim they have no other source of heating and cooking in the harsh winter season.It is to mention here that the people of Kohistan valley had offered the government a few years back that they were ready stop cutting deodar trees if they were provided with the natural gas facility. However, the government did not pay any heed to their demand.

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