Hania Amir shares struggle with acne, says skin doesn't define her

When it comes prominent young actresses, Hania Amir stands out due to her vivacious style of acting. Interestingly, that is not among her only noticeable attributes as the actress always exudes a clear-skinned, glowing appearance on TV screen.

Recently, the young actress opened up about her struggle with skin issues in a post on social media.

Amir in her post mentioned her ‘painful struggle’ with acne and how it induced feelings of insecurity and anxiety in her.

She said she always had mild acne but during one of her work trips to Chitral, her acne flared up bad and it showed on camera as well. After a while it got worse, she said, adding that she went to several dermatologists and tried everything to keep it under control.

“Nothing seemed to fix my skin and I had my night AND days of crying. Feeling insecure. Anxiety. Makeup wouldn’t help. I was a mess but I went through it and got out of it too,” Hania Amir said, adding that after trying a different dermatologist her skin got better.
In her post, Hania puts forth a pertinent question, asking why it is so important to have perfect skin.

“Why is my skin defining me? Who has made these beauty standards that we always feel the need to match? The society? Clear skin is beauty? I know that the idea of being “perfect” is appealing to majority but you don’t need to be an airbrushed flawless image to feel beautiful,” she wrote.

She further said that nobody should feel the pressure to match with the society’s notion of beauty and perfection.

“Perfection is not what we should be seeking, being comfortable in our own skin is the key,” said the young actress.

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