Transgender activist and actor Kami Sid accused of rape, intimidation

Transgender activist Kami Sid has been removed as organizer of the Aurat March, the latest blow to the actor after allegations of sexual abuse and intimidation surfaced against her on social media earlier this week.

In a message posted on their Twitter account on Friday, the organisation said it was aware of the allegations against Kami Sid and had removed her as an organiser prior to Aurat March 2019.

"Model and activist Kami Sid has recently been accused of silencing those speaking out against her due to allegations of sexual violence," the organisation said in the post.

"We have been aware of these allegations and members of our group have also been subjected to Kami's bullying tactics. We removed Kami as an organiser due to these very allegations and we stand in solidarity with those who have come forward with their allegations of sexual violence."
Kami is a prominent transgender activist and actor and her latest film, Rani, was selected by the London Film Academy screened at the coveted Cannes Film Festival this year.

The actor is accused of repeatedly raping and abusing a now-deceased minor transgender girl, who went by the name Sana, in 2014 along with her partner Sid Kami.

The allegations surfaced earlier this week when blogger Minahil Baloch posted a tweet asking people not to support alleged rapists even if they make it to Cannes—an apparent hint at Kami Sid. Baloch later said Kami was threatening her, and she posted screenshots of purported Whatsapp messages from the actor.

Baloch's posts set social media ablaze, and several other activists, some of which said they had prior knowledge of the allegations, posted in support and reiterating the accusations.

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