Top 10 Hottest Women Hooked Up by Neymar | Girlfriends history of Barazilian Footballer

Barcelona superstar Neymar really seems to have his way with the ladies, but he must admit that he’s had a lot of help. As if being one of the best footballers on the planet wasn’t enough, he makes a ton of money and is a very handsome chap.
Now 24, Neymar gives the impression of a rolling stone. The Brazilian attacker, for some reason or the other, isn’t ready to settle into a long-term relationship and has dated plenty women over the years.

But then again, he isn’t just a football player. The Barca man has transcended those heights and is now a celebrity in his own right, so such behavior could be considered acceptable, and maybe even celebrated.
In any case, it’s always great to see the newest hottest WAGs on the scene and as long as Neymar is around, it would seem that there will always be a spicy new update.

The Brazil star really has it all at the moment. He is the future of Barcelona, the best player in his country, a La Liga and Champions League winner, as well as an Olympic Gold medalist.

But more than anything else, he’s a scorer. So let’s take a look at 19 beauties he’s scored, or rumored to have scored, during his illustrious career.
10- Chloe Grace Moretz
Birth Name: Chloë Grace Moretz
Age: 22, born 10 February 1997
Born and residing in:  United States
Height: 5' 4"
Relationship Status: Single
An American model and actress, Chloe Grace Moretz has always been in the spotlight. The 19-year-old has featured in popular TV shows Desperate housewives, Dirty Sexy Money and 30 Rock.

She has made no secret of her liking for Neymar and it dates back to the 2014 World Cup, during which she posted several tweets, including one which she labelled the Brazilian forward a ‘cutie’.
Chloe, who has been previously linked to Brooklyn Beckham, sparked talk of a relationship with Neymar after appearing quite close to the player in a Snapchat video posted early this year. The footage shows the pair cosying up during a night out in Paris and playfully throwing up the peace sign, with Neymar putting his fingers to his lips.

9- Thaila Ayala
Birth Name: Thaila
Age: 33, born 14 April 1986
Born and residing in:  Brazil
Height: 5' 8"
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Partner: Adam Senn
Thaila Ayala is also a model and actress, but hails from the same country as the Barcelona star. Thaila, 30, is the ex-wife of Brazilian actor Paulo Vilhena, whom she split up with in 2013 after marrying him two years prior.

She hooked up with Neymar last year and was seen partying at a club with him on a night out in Ibiza around July. The pair are said to have gotten in on a bit of tongue action and were shielded by private security whilst swapping spit.

The Brazilian model told reporters that nothing had happened, apart from what normally goes on at parties, but others say it ain’t so. Neymar has also been seen in other locations with Thaila, so there isn’t much doubt that there was something going on.

8- Gabriella Lenzi
Birth Name: Gabriella Lenzi
Age: 24, born 22 September 1994
Country of origin:  Brazil
Sao Paulo-born model Gabriella Lenzi must have turned up her nose after seeing Chloe’s flirtatious tweets during the 2014 World Cup, as she’d hooked up with Neymar prior to the tournament.

Also a swimmer and a gymnast, Gabriella – now 22 – never admitted anything publicly as it relates to the Barca and Brazil man, but an Instagram selfie after scoring a brace vs Croatia put all doubt to rest. Neymar, posing bare chested with the supermodel leaning on his shoulder, let the world know that he had missed his girlfriend on the day, which happened to be Valentine’s day in Brazil.
Neymar suffered a back injury which sidelined him during the tournament, but that didn’t stop him from partying in… you guessed it, Ibiza, where Gabriella was also spotted after Brazil’s shameful exit, supposedly chasing the star.

7- Laryssa Oliveira
Birth Name: Laryssa Oliveira
Age: 27, born 11 January 1992
Country of origin:  Canada
Neymar’s relationship with Laryssa Oliveira did not last very long, and things soured quite a bit, with Laryssa even revealing that the player had been unfaithful to girlfriend Bruna Marquezine.

Neymar is thought to have hooked up with Laryssa in December of 2013, but the couple did not make it to 2014. Details of a supposed trip which was meant to be kept secret were also brought to the fore and Laryssa claimed that she had tried her best to keep things under wraps. However, she became a victim, receiving loads of stick from the public, as well as the player and his friends.

Neymar is also said to have filed suits of slander and defamation against her, but she insisted that his focus should be on playing football.

6- Patricia Jordane
Birth Name: Patricia Jordane
Age: 26, born 31 January 1993
Country of origin:  Brazil
Neymar denied having any sort of relationship with Brazilian playboy model Patricia Jordane, but she says otherwise.

Patricia, a stunning model with looks to die for, claims the pair had an affair while the player was still seeing Bruna Marquezine, even referring to the actress as ‘cuckold’. An issue of Brazilian Playboy Magazine, which she was the cover of, branded Patricia ‘The Brunette who enchanted Neymar’.
Despite his refusal to admit to an affair, she insists that it indeed happened, describing Neymar as a ‘very good and fun guy’. She claims to have met him in 2012 and her statements sparked some controversy during the 2014 World Cup. The player even considered filing a suit against her.

Patricia, meanwhile, has posed nude for the cameras in the past. We won’t show you any of those here, but if you’re diligent enough.

5- Carolina Dantas
Birth Name: Carolina Dantas
Age: 25, born 21 Oct 1993
Born and residing in:  Brazil
Carolina Nogueira Dantas is the mother of Neymar’s five-year-old son David Lucca da Silva Santos. She’s a year-and-a-half younger than the player and gave birth to young David in 2011, while Neymar was an up and coming star at Brazilian club Santos.

They have obviously split up, but are said to maintain a cordial relationship. Neymar is quite obsessed with his son and admits to crying when he learned he was going to be a dad.

"I cried when I learned that I would be his father,” he said. “At first, I felt fear. Then joy. It is a new responsibility and I am now enjoying it."

Carolina started seeing Neymar in 2010 and she is probably the first serious girlfriend the player ever had.

4- Barbara Evans
Birth Name: Bárbara Evans Clark
Age: 28, born 5 May 1991
Born and residing in:  Brazil
Relationship Status: Single
Barbara Evans is a 25-year-old model and reality TV star who hails from Brazil. She gained fame after winning the sixth season of Brazil’s version of The Farm and is the youngest-ever contestant to win it.

She is said to have had relationships with a handful of famous footballers, with Neymar being one of them. The pair are thought to have become an item back in 2011, presumably after the Barcelona sensation split up with his son’s mother.

Barbara is also rumoured to have dated Paolo Guerrero, a Peruvian forward who now plays for Flamengo in Brazil. The 32-year-old was previously attached to Corinthians, having spent spells in Germany with Bayern Munich and Hamburger SV. He is his country’s highest-ever scorer and is the only Peruvian to be nominated on a Balon d’Or shortlist.

Incidentally, Brazil are set to take on Peru in World Cup qualifiers next week. Grudge match, maybe?

3- Sara Vucelic
Birth Name: Sara Soraja Vucelic
Age: 32, born 16 November 1986
Born and residing in:  Serbia
Height: 5' 10"
Relationship Status: Single
Ibiza seems to be the perfect spot for Neymar, doesn’t it? According to reports, it’s where the player hooked up with Serbian hottie Sara Vucelic (also known as Soraja Vucelic) in the summer of 2013.

The 29-year-old, (or 30-year-old depending on when you’re reading this) famous for appearing on TV show Big Brother in Slovenia, kept in touch with Neymar via Skype after the two got together and it was agreed that she would fly over to Barcelona to meet up with him in October of 2014. But the pair just couldn’t wait that long and Neymar sent a private jet to have her dropped off in Spain.

The model also posted a photo on a social media site, showing herself wearing the attacker’s jersey whilst in flight.

2- Carol Belli
Birth Name: Caroline Belli
Age: 27, born 18 March 1992
Born and residing in:  Brazil
Height: 5' 6"
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Neymar was supposedly seeing Carol Belli at some point in 2012. She thought they were destined for a serious relationship, but the player chose to take that up with Bruna Marquezine instead, leaving Carol quite bitter.

Carol, a former stage girl on Brazilian comedy show Panica na TV (referred to as Panicat), told her close friends that she had been taking Neymar seriously, spending time speaking over the internet and attending his parties, but Bruna just took over from out of the blue.

Carol was also invited to one of the parties after Neymar got with Bruna and was on the end of dirty looks from the TV personality all night. Bruna even prevented her from speaking to the player’s close friends, so you could well imagine how hard it was to get near Neymar himself.

1- Nicole Bahls
Birth Name: Nicole Mariana Bahls
Age: 33, born 15 November 1985
Born and residing in:  Brazil
Height: 5' 7"
A former Panicat herself, TV presenter Nicole Bahls is pretty ballsy. Whilst on En Nunca (‘I Never’ in English), a web show in which people are posed with personal questions and forced to ingest a weird mix if they lie, Nicole admitted to seeing Ronaldo (The Phenomenon) and Neymar, as well as actors Andre Marques and Caio Castro.

Neymar and Nicole supposedly made it a thing in 2011, but the 23-year-old star denies ever having an intimate relationship with the Brazilian attraction.

Whilst on the show, Nicole was also questioned about the taking of nude photos, a question which prompted her to let her host know that he could find the answer with a simple Google search.

Bruna Marquezine
Birth Name: Bruna Reis Maia Marquezine
Age: 23, born 4 August 1995
Country of origin:  Brazil
Height: 5' 7"
Relationship Status: Single
Neymar and Bruna Marquezine are possibly an item right now, as photos taken just last month show the two together. The pair broke up on several occasions due to the star’s supposed infidelity, but things could be on the mend.

Bruna is a Brazilian actress who has been a TV personality from the early age of five. She has appeared in several television shows in her country and began dating Neymar in 2012. She broke up with him in 2014, however, leading up to this October, she has been seen at several locations with the player – and no, not that kind of player.

It wasn’t just cheating that led to the split, apparently. Reports claim that Bruna was frustrated with the long distance relationship and was quite hurt when Neymar refused to marry her.

If he could, I guess you could too.

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