Top 10 Instagram Richest Celebrities List 2019 | Who Earns The Most From Sponsored Posts?

The 2019 Instagram Rich List has just been revealed and Kylie Jenner has broken her own record with a staggeringly high estimated fee for every sponsored post.

After dominating the list last year, Jenner has retained her crown and increased her own Instagram post value.

The list, compiled by Instagram scheduling tool HopperHQ, reveals that a single sponsored post on Jenner’s Instagram is estimated to cost $1.266 million - up from her estimated cost last year of $1 million, a surge of 27%. While valuable, Jenner’s sponsored posts are rare since the billionaire now spends most of her time promoting her own businesses, Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics.

Singer Ariana Grande seems set to purchase more than just seven rings this year, as HopperHQ also revealed she had “joined the list for the first time” - sliding swiftly into second place with $996,000 per post.

Although Grande has 19 million more followers than Jenner (Grande has 159 million while Jenner has 140 million), HopperHQ says the data collected “considers factors such as average engagement, how often they post, industry variables and number of followers”.

Other names on the Rich List were similar to the names on the 2018 list, including footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with $975,000 as well as many of Jenner’s sisters. Kim Kardashian came in at fourth place with $910,000, while her other siblings were slightly lower down the list with Kendall at 13th with $611,000 and Khloe Kardashian with $598,000.

The list is based on how much each user can charge for a single Instagram post, which in some celebrity cases can be as high as $1.2 million.

Top 10 Instagram Rich List 2019

Kylie Jenner - $1,266,000 per post
Ariana Grande - $996,000 per post
Cristiano Ronaldo - $976,000 per post

Kim Kardashian - $910,000 per post
Selena Gomez - $886,000 per post
Dwayne Johnson - $882,000 per post
Beyonce Knowles - $785,000 per post

Taylor Swift - $748,000 per post​
Neymar da Silva Santos Junior - $722,000
Justin Bieber - $722,000
HopperHQ also released a subsidiary Instagram Influencer Rich List, which saw former Vine star Eleanora ‘Lele’ Pons take the top slot with $144,000 per post, beauty guru Huda Kattan with $91,300 and other names like Cameron Dallas, Sommer Ray and Zach King making between $82,900-$86,600 per post.

The full list can be found here.

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