Without Makeup Kim Kardashian and Kanye leaving After Taking ‘Sunday Service’ Public

Cosmetics free Kim Kardashian and Kanye West leaving The Bungalow in Santa Monica in the wake of opening his restrictive Sunday Service to people in general.

Kanye wore a hand-drawn dim hoodie with blue pants and was wearing an arm prop he wore during Sunday Service before in the day.
The well known couple had an easygoing night out in the trendy person beachside bar after Kanye's first open administration at the California Worship Center was a raving success.

The amphitheater was stuffed and the otherworldly administration was gotten with great enthusiasm by the general population as they applauded along to the profound music being played.
The real thing, Kanye West, was wearing a white sweater, khaki jeans, and tan Yeezy's and was seen with an arm support as he hit the stage.

The 42-year-old seemed to have an incredible time playing for the group of spectators who appeared to be taken by his music as he influenced forward and backward directing Ray Charles.

Kim Kardashian condensed Kanye's Sunday Service to Elle — "Everybody that comes comprehends it's only a truly recuperating knowledge with a stunning ensemble and astounding messages about adoration to begin your week."

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