Selena Gomez’s ex lovers are her songwriting inspiration, reveals Julia Michaels

Selena Gomez is riding high in her career presently especially after her recent banging return and turns, its all courtesy of some of the unpleasant relationships she has had in the past.

While the Lose You to Love Me hit maker has had a strong songwriting relationship with Julia Michaels, the professional duo always find one source of inspiration that always drives them towards producing record-breaking hits — the ex-boyfriends that wreaked havoc in their lives.
Speaking about her experience of working with Gomez, 26-year-old Michael revealed to Variety: "When [Gomez and I] first started working together [in 2013], it started as me writing the songs."

"I walked in to the session one day because she wanted to change some words to the song, and [Gomez] was like, 'We must be going through the exact same thing because you're writing everything that I feel.' And I was like, 'Oh, cool, you had a [expletive] ex-boyfriend too? Let's go," she added further.
She went on to explain that her biggest inspirations for writing songs come from her personal life: "That helps me figure out what I want to say lyrically. I write everything as if you’re talking to the person you've wanted to confront; if you could say it to somebody, why couldn’t you say it exactly how you would in a song?"

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