Top 10 Most popular YouTube videos of Pakistan in 2019 | What are the Most Viral Videos of Pakistan?

Every Pakistani's first choice for video streaming is YouTube and same thing is happened in 2019.

YouTube has released a list of favorite videos of all over the world as well as Pakistan.

YouTube selected these videos based on the viewership, sharing, comments and likes by Pakistani users.

However, by watching this top trending and viral videos list, it is believed that people of Pakistan are valuing their local films, while the rest of the videos are quiet shocking.

Here are some of the Top ten trending videos.

10- Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 3rd ODI 2019 Highlights

9- Ten Things in the World That You Didn't Know The Purpose Of

8- The lady behind the mobile voice over

7- Lux Style Awards 2019

6- You would not believe that this young girl and boy are father daughter in relationship (Youngest Parent You Won't Believe Exist!)

5- Wahab Stuns Hosts! | England vs Pakistan - Match Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

4- 'Ehd e Wafa' 1st Episode | HUM TV Drama Serial | ISPR

3- Ninja Begum (Wife)

2- Look back (Peechy Dekho Peechy)

1- Pakistani Movie 'Load Wedding'

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