7 Sexist Girls Dated Prince Harry, Emma Watson also Listed Here | Hottest Girlfriends History of British Royal Prince

7 Women Who Actually Dump Prince Harry Before He Found Love  Prince Harry's ex-girlfriends

Have you being heartbroken once? Maybe twice or three times? Who Has Prince Harry Dated? Prince Harry's Ex-Girlfriends - Who Has Prince Harry Dated?
Prince Harry had had it happened to him seven times. Yes, you read it correctly; seven times still he met Meghan Markle.

Meghan and Prince Harry love story look like a fairytale but it is real and true love.

Harry and Meghan wedding was held 19 May 2018 in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom might have come and gone.
The memories it brought is fresh in mind of people all around the world. As it one Royal wedding that was very much televised and watched by millions of people.
Before this, Prince Harry had have serial of relationships that hit the rock.

Get yourself a coffee or your favorite beverage as t10ranker.com bring to you seven ladies that literally dump Prince Harry before he finally found his soul mate.
7- Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack is known as a TV presenter in which Harry used to date. To be realistic, Harry has a high taste for women on TV, don’t you think so? Although, Caroline and Harry get into a relationship after her broke up with Cheesy.
Caroline was actually used to grab the attention of media but she has never fazed some famous individual, after all, she is into a date with Harry styles from one perspective. But as time goes on the attention of media became wide and ever since then the taste and urge of dating a prince became intense, which happens to become an unbearable circumstance and they ended up breaking up. That’s crazy mehn.

6- Natalie Pinkham

Natalie Pinkham and Prince Hurry’s are not in a very serious relationship, though the sun made a published of a picture where she and Harry are hanging out in a nightclub.
With all this, the relationship between her and Harry still didn’t work out. Natalie Pinkham was also a TV presenter due she has already gained her own share of popularity, building a relationship with Harry wasn’t really a great idea to think of. Natalie Pinkham had her 5 minutes of glory during the British tabloid.

5- Chelsy Davy

Chelsy happens to be the ever first angel and lover of Prince Harry’s. They hooked up together during their teenage stage, during then they mostly refer to her as the love of his life hoping to get married to her some days. Their relationship started in the year 2004, though it’s an on and off dating not until it ended up in the year 2011.

Despite the fact Harry was entirely head over heels, Chelsy was so skeptical and puzzle seeing her self among the royal family. After visualizing the trauma that Kate Middleton went through she concluded that it’s not for her in which she openly dumped the prince. Chelsy doubts were not only on her view alone in becoming part of the royal family but the queen herself was filled with doubts about her as well.

4- Mollie King
Mollie King is an English model and also a singer. She was prominent member of the girl’s band the Saturday.

Harry and her started their love journey in 2012. The pair love grew so strong that they become an item who hangout together frequently.
They mostly visit night club and other interesting places where they often party together. As time goes on she boasts out that she agreed on going on a couple of date with Harry, although she claims she didn’t let it go too deeply simply because she knows that dating a prince is never an easy task .

3- Florence Brudenell-Bruce

Florence happens to be the Harrys second serious girlfriend. But still yet things didn’t workout smoothly for them.

They only went in for a date for a summer then breakup. Florence got married to a multi-millionaire whose name is Henry Edward Hug st George a couple of years back, although she got some popularity for dating Prince Harry.

2- Cressida Bonas

Britain’s Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas attend England’s Six Nations international rugby union match against Wales at Twickenham in London March 9, 2014.

Cressida is an English model and actress. It was then rumored that she was being engaged to Harry by some British tabloids which was later found out to be untrue.

The pair started dating in the spring of 2012 and call it quit around summer of 2014.

Harry and Creassida relationship was without its own share of scandal. They were still on dating when some scandalous naked picture of Harry playing a pool got leaked out. This caused some quarrel between them but she later forgave the Prince because she happenned not to be a stranger to some wild parties.

Even at that, thing went sour quickly as Cressida wasn’t ready to give up her flourishing career and of course being lover of wild parties, she was just not ready to give them all up for the strict royal protocols that will come with a marriage with Harry.

1- Emma Watson

Prince Harry drastically fell for the gorgeous and charming of Emma Watson in which every guy will likewise do so.

He had invited her to a party just to give test water after he has previously overheard the breakup with the rugby player Matthew Janney.

The Prince flirted with her throughout the night just for him to ask her out on a date, but guess? She turned the prince down before they even create a space for them to go on a first date.

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