All About Bradley Cooper's New Juicy Girlfriend, Ana De Armas: Full Details of 'No Time to Die' actress

Birth Name: Ana Celia de Armas Caso
Age: 31, born 30 April 1988
Country of origin:  Cuba
Currently Residing In:  United States
Height: 5' 6"
Relationship Status: Bradley Cooper
Cuban actress (and future Bond girl) Ana De Armas is believed to be Bradley Cooper's new girlfriend.

Bradley Cooper has been one of the top actors in Hollywood for over a decade. Following studies at Georgetown University and New York City's New School University, he began an acting career filled with cameos and bit parts before crossing over big with 2009's The Hangover and He's Just Not That Into You.

Cooper has a young child with model Irina Shayk, who he's no longer in a relationship with. In turn, there's lots of speculation as to who Cooper is currently seeing, which begs the question: Who is Bradley Cooper's girlfriend?

Ana De Armas — full name Ana Celia De Armas Caso — is a Cuban-born actress with Spanish citizenship. Here's more on Armas, who is believed to be Cooper's new girlfriend, is below for your reading pleasure.

1- Who is Bradley Cooper's girlfriend? Ana De Armas has been acting professionally for over 10 years.
Reportedly Armas decided to be an actress at the age of 12. She was an attendee of the National Theater School Of Cuba.

Armas made her proper on-screen acting debut in 2006's Spanish-language Una Rosa De Francia. Shortly after this, Armas moved to Spain where she has since earned citizenship.

2- Armas' break-out role in the United States came in 2015.
Following her move to Spain at the age of 18, Armas quickly landed work, appearing in the Spanish TV series El Internado. She also worked on the TV series Hispania, La Leyenda and appeared in the films Blind Alley and Mentiras Y Gordas.

Her first big role for the U.S. market came after moving to Los Angeles in 2014. This was in 2015's Knock Knock, in which she portrayed the female lead, starring alongside Keanu Reeves.

3- Armas and Cooper have worked together before.
Another big film for Armas was 2016's War Dogs. She starred in this film alongside Cooper.

Armas was announced to be cast in the film, which Cooper also helped produce, as of early 2015. War Dogs went on to earn over $86 million at the box office. It is believed that Armas and Cooper met on the set of War Dogs.

4- Armas is set to be a "Bond girl."
With over two dozen films —including "unofficial" films like Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again — released over the last 50-something years, the James Bond series is one of the most successful film franchises of all time. The last installment, 2015's Spectre, brought in over three times its budget at the box office.

The "Bond girl" —or female lead — changes from film to film and is always an actress who has people around the world talking. Armas is set to portray "Paloma" in the upcoming 007 flick No Time To Die.

5- Armas is active on social media.
Armas has official accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Cooper, however, does not. Armas' 1.9 million followers on Instagram are often treated to a mix of personal and professional photos.

On January 16, 2020 she posted the trailer to her forthcoming film Sergio via Instagram. Just a week prior on January 8th, she shared a selfie of herself smiling. She also appears to have announced her 007 role via Instagram.

6- Armas' social media accounts are Cooper-free, so far.
Neither Armas' Twitter or Instagram accounts include any noticeable photos or text mentions related to Cooper. The "tagged" section of her Instagram account is also free of Cooper-related mentions, suggesting that many people do not yet know about this relationship.

However, the two have been affectionate in public. The two were spotted together at the pre-Golden Globes luncheon at the Four Seasons Hotel on January 3rd.

Said an on-site source, “Bradley made a beeline for Ana and they chatted away for quite a while in the hotel lobby. They weren’t at all keen to rush off. He kept cracking jokes and had a huge grin on his face. Bradley seemed very taken with Ana and she was laughing a lot." Also noted was that "the two slipped out a side door."

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