Video: The Most Amazing Shot Ever in The History of Snooker at The Masters 2020

Stephen Maguire produced a shot that baffled snooker fans, players and pundits on Monday during his first round match with Neil Robertson at the Masters.
In the seventh frame of the match, the Scot looked to power in a red into the top corner only to see it bounce back out of the pocket.

The red leapt up into the air but had such spin on it that it rolled a few inches back into the pocked, which would have been unusual enough by itself.
However, the white ball jumped over the pack of reds, rolled into the jaw of the middle pocket before rolling all the way along the cushion to drop into the bottom right pocket.

Maguire seemed to find it funny, even though it had cost him four points, while Robertson looked absolutely baffled as to how it had happened.

The most amazing shot in the history of snooker,’ declared six-time world champion Steve Davis on commentary.
‘I’m not sure whether to say Stephen Maguire was lucky or unlucky there.’

John Parrott added: ‘Have you ever in your entire life seen a shot like this? You could go 100 years and not see that again.

‘It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I just can’t believe that it was possible.’

Maguire went on to win the frame and reduce his deficit to 5-2 against the Aussie in a race to six.
The Scot then produced a monumental comeback to go on and win the match 6-5, reeling off five frames on the spin to reach the quarter-finals against the odds.

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