The 10 Best Celebrity Butts of 2020 – Hottest Asses (Right Now)

The Hottest butts of women and these are the perfect ass in the world of 2020. Some of them are best celebrity butts.

Are you ready to begin the journey of one of the most erotic topics in Hollywood? In the glamorous world of fashion and music, we must know about the top 10 best celebrity butts of 2020 and their owners. We often see one thing for sure in beautiful girls body that is their big butts something that we can not describe how we people feel by that tights and fits under the pants.

List of – Hottest Celebs Boobs

We’ll come to know about the top celebrity booties that may be natural or maybe as a result of some workout and exercises. These women have left us speechless in many moments wearing bikinis, yoga pants or maybe some bath suits showing off their hot asses.

Counting from the desirable JLo to the slinky Rihanna, let’s have a look at the shapes butts pictures.
List of The Top 10 Best Celebrity Butts of 2020, Hottest Asses right now

10- Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is considered as the ‘Beauty Queen’ due to her hot and perfect booties. The 40+ singer is the mother of two children but still she has maintained her figure very well. The seductive entertainer seems fascinating with her sexy butts in all her music videos and red carpet. Her hit single ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ of 2014 depicts her tempting appearance with her hottest butts. The lady is completely aware of the fact that she has been admired because of her provocative backside. She has done a music video ‘Booty’ with Iggy Azalea showing off her flawless ass.

9- Jen Selter

Let’s know what the perfect booty seems like? Jen Selter will show you. Jen Selter is a native of New York who is a self-made celebrity who joined Instagram and showed the world how hot ad sexy one could be. The beautiful and fascinating girl posts her pictures while working out. Focusing on her booty, her photos are crazily loved by her three million followers on Instagram. Wearing tight-fitting gym gear and yoga pants, Jen Selter always seems sexy in every pose. Her perfect butt is a real example of fitness and health for her followers.

8- Shakira

Definitely ‘Hips don’t lie’! Shakira’s hot butts have justified this statement. The Columbian hottie is among the sexiest Hollywood celebrities that are not just well known for their melodious voices but also for their sexy backsides. The blonde lady has entertained millions of people by shaking her booties in her music videos getting people crazy for her. Her famous songs depicting her hot ass are ‘Hips don’t lie’, ‘Waka Waka’ and so on so forth. She owns really ideal butts a girl could ever dream for.

7- Ashley Sky

The Brazilian Goddess, Ashley Sky may not be known to many people, but her hottest ass can’t be a secret from the world. The lady’s bums are the sexiest and hottest self-made internet model and you guys can look for her more hot pics and videos via the internet. Her beautiful butt always seems flawless, especially whenever she puts on a swimsuit. The young girl is not blessed with hot bums, but overall her figure is tempting and provocative. She also shares her pics on Instagram with the following of 780k followers.

6- Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel’s bubble butt has usually been fantasized by many of her lovers. Her ass depicts a major part of her sexy figure and this is the reason why her sexiness is most admirable. People consider Justin Timberlake as a lucky man to be her husband. No one could ever imagine that the tomboyish girl will grow up into a beautiful and hot lady in the future. She is the owner of the firmest and fittest butts in the Hollywood industry. Her perky booty just seems flawless and perfect and is a dream to other girls.

5- Anastasia Ashley

I bet, Anastasia Ashley’s pic in her white bath suit will drive you insane as her hot bums just seem perfectly appealing and tempting. She loves to show her hot figure via Instagram and she is aware of the fact that her booty is admired by many people. The American professional model and surfer hottest bums are not just appealing but urge the guys to stare her without even blinking the eyes. Her appealing backside is no doubt one of the best butts in sports as well.

4- Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba performed in an unmemorable surfing film and that’s when we came to know about the wonderful world of her bums. She has confessed that she’s proud of her perky ass. The lady is now a married woman and is a mother of two beautiful kids, but fortunately, her awe-inspiring booty is still phenomenal. Jessica Alba is actually physical perfection and her hot ass is flawless both on-screen and off-screen. The sexiest performer has been entertaining us for several years.

3- Sofía Vergara

The stylish and Fashionista Sofía Vergara is no camera conscious of showing her butt being confident on the red carpet as well. Her big booty and the awesome figure have been captured for many photo shoots in which she has been found wearing a bikini on vacations. Her flawless backside is still a dream to many girls. Her Instagram followers are the luckiest dudes on earth.

2- Kim Kardashian

‘Reality’ TV star Kim Kardashian is one artist who has definitely no doubts with showing off her big bums. Her well-known butt was most currently on display in some bra shots taken in Thailand. She was found rolling around on the seaside for photographers in a short thong bikini, displaying her post-baby figure. Her boyfriend Kanye West even raps about her ass in his song ‘I Won’, declaring that he wants to “dip that ass in gold”. Kardashian is also famous for taking booty selfies and posting them on Twitter and Instagram. Fake or natural? Who cares, still her jaw dropping booty blow away our minds.

1- Rihanna

Rihanna is another name among the booty queens with her sexy ass, hot figure, and tempting body. Her jaw-dropping dress in the CFDA Awards was mesmerizing undoubtedly. Her sexy bums in her Bootylicious music videos are always the center of attraction for the viewers. Her gorgeous face, flat toned tummy, perky little boobs, and long legs are extremely stupendous. The way she shakes her ass drives the audience insane, whether in a live performance or in some music video.

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