TOP-10 hot actresses have Big Boobs/Huge Bra Size in 2020

Sometimes it’s hard to control oneself when a gorgeous woman with big boobs is passing by. Here is the list of 10 best celebrity boobs so that you don’t have to turn out your neck in the streets. Enjoy them!

10- Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian can be liked or disliked but it’s impossible to ignore the attractiveness of her hot celebrity boobs. After the sex scandal which took place in 2006 she has been extremely popular, Kim became a true “shark of business” and the icon of style.

Many brunette women around the world are crazy about her. Actually she is one of the highest paid ladies in whole Hollywood. Kim and her relatives are well known for a series where her family members played the roles of themselves.

9- Meagan Good
Meagan Monic Good started the career of an actress when she was four starring as a movie extra on different TV shows, but the real recognition came only in 2011 when she played in a romantic movie called “Think like a man”.

This beautiful actress with big celeb boobs who has Puerto Rican as well as African and Barbadian roots doesn’t hide her religiosity. Her husband is the priest of the Church of the 7th-Day Adventist and now she refuses to play roles which can “disappoint God”.

8- Jennifer Lopez
Although J. Lo isn’t the owner of the best celebrity boobs in our list but when it comes down to sexuality, she is second to none, because she is known for her perfect body that she has been managing to save for decades.

The native of New York is best known for her dance and musical career, but her roles in movies also haven’t gone unnoticed. For example, many of us remember her participation in such movies as “Selena” and “The wedding planner”. She is also a successful designer. Her brand produces perfume, clothes and shoes.

7- Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks can boast one of the most extraordinary and unusual appearance among all celebrities. Due to her beauty, opulent figure and one the best celebrity boobs she inspired all dark-skinned models and “plus-size women”.

She was the first Afro-American woman who appeared on the covers of such magazines as “Sports Illustrated” and a men’s journal “GQ”, as well as became one of the first Victoria Secret’s models. Indeed, Tyra turned the fashion business upside down and when she went out of model industry she had one of the biggest salaries in the model world.

6- Nicki Minaj
This lady made a career in the sphere of music, and many of us know her for participation in movies and, of course, big celebrity breast. In this, few people are aware of the fact that her real name is Onika Tanya Miraj and this talented woman was born in a little country called Trinidad and Tobago which is situated not far from the coast of Venezuela. Nicki became famous due to her unique manner of the performance of rap, namely various accents and a range of alternative images.

Minaj’s brother was accused of sexual harassment and even sexual assault of 11-year-old girl at his home. Her brother denied the charges in court and declared that the girl’s mother wanted Nicky Minaj to pay compensation in the amount of 25 million dollars for the moral damage. In the process of questioning of the victim the girl said that assaults took place four times a week. The brother was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.

5- Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek, like many of her characters, has both perfect body and soul. She can be also called one of the big breasted actresses. The Mexican-American actress, as well as director and producer started her career starring in Mexican movies and series.

But she is mostly known for her magnificent playing in such movies as “Desperado”, “Frida”, a comedy “Dogma” and, of course, “From dusk till dawn” and others. Salma was the first actress from Mexica nominated for “Oscar” for the best women’s role.

4- Kate Upton
Kate Upton is an American model and actress. She is mostly known for her performances on the runways in bikinis where viewers can appreciate her beautiful model boobs.

Her uncle Fred is a congressman. Her mother is a Texas tennis champion. Her great-grandfather was one of the founders of a multi-billion-dollar corporation “Whirlpool”.

Kate likes equestrian sport and even participated in some championships. She dated a footballer Mark Sanchez in 2011. She often becomes the participant of Youtube viral videos. She is worth more than 20 million dollars as an actress.

In 2011 Upton played a small role in a movie “Tower Heist”. In 2013 Kate won a prestigious prize “Style Awards” at New York Fashion Week in the nomination “Model of the Year”. In 2014 she starred in a romantic comedy “The other woman” together with Cameron Diaz and Lesley Mann. Now she is married to a famous American baseball player Justin Verlander.

3- Christina Aguilera
This woman can also boast one of the best celebrity boobs. Christina, like another famous singer Katy Perry, started singing in a church choir. But fame came to her when she was a child due to “Mickey Mouse Show”.

Her popularity began to gain momentum in 1999 when she released her first album and single called “Genie in a bottle” as well as a very popular song “Come on over baby”. The bright representative of pop-music has already won five “Grammy” prizes including the prize for the one of the most incredible and popular songs of modernity called “Beautiful”.

2- Kate Winslet
One of the best boobs in movies belongs to this actress. The owner of “Oscar” inspires her fans not only with her unbelievable talent and excellent body but also with her active lifestyle which is full of adventures.

Not long ago she finished extremely hard camping through the wilderness together with a famous British traveler Bear Grylls where she jumped with a parachute, came down from the mountain and fed on worms. This smart and beautiful woman actively opposes Botox injections and cosmetic surgery advocating for natural beauty and honorable ageing.

1- Carmen Electra
You can’t talk about the best celebrity boobs without mentioning Carmen Electra. Many blonde women want to look like Carmen.

The girl from the cover of “Playboy” is well known for her model career, the role on the show called “Baywatch” and the popularization of aerobic strip-tease. Precisely Electra started a trend towards the elements of pole-dancing in standard training.

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