List of Top Bollywood Celebrities 34B Breast and Bra size Measurements

Bollywood Celebrities With 34B breast size and 34B bra size become hot topic right now. It’s making people curious. Their always wondering about whom the sexiest Indian celebrities are using 34 size for their gorgeous breast. We try to make it easy by making table list of 34b Bollywood Celebrities breast size and bra size measurements. Some data may be has different to another source, it’s perhaps, the subject have doing boob job procedure, weight lose (diet) or breast reduction.

Bollywood Celebrities
Breast SizeBra SizeBreasts-Waist-Hips

Aishwarya Rai3434 B
34-26-34 Inches
Amisha Patel3434 B
34- 26- 36 Inches
Anjali3434 B
34-25-35 Inches
Anushka Sharma3434 B
34-24-34 Inches
Asin3434 B
34-24-35 Inches
Chitrangada Singh3434 B
34-24-36 Inches
Deepika Padukone3434 B
34-27-36 Inches
Esha Gupta3434 B
34-25-34.5 Inches
Isabel Kaif3634 B
36-24-36 inches
Kajal Aggarwal3434 B
34-24-35 inches
Kajol3434 B
34 -24 -34 inches
Katrina Kaif3634 B
36-26-37 inches
Pooja Bhatt3434 B
34-25-36 inches
Preity Zinta3634 B
36-28-36 inches
Priyanka Chopra3634 B
36-24-36 inches
Rachana Banerjee3434 B
34-28-36 inches
Radhika Madan3434 B
34-24-35 inches
Samantha Ruth3434 B
34-26-36 inches
Sana Saeed3434 B
34-23-34 inches
Shilpa Shetty3434 B
34-24-32 inches
Shruti Hassan3634 B
36-26-36 inches
Sonal Chauhan3434 B
34-25-34 inches
Sonali Raut3434 B
34-24-35 inches
Sushmita Sen3434 B
34-25-36 inches
Tena Desae3634 B
36-26-38 inches
Yuvika Chaudhary3434 B
34-26-34 inches


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