6 Tips for a Flat Hot Tummy: Weight Lose

If we want to forget about those extra inches in our bellies we cannot wait for them to magically go away but, although there are no miraculous products to achieve a flat belly, we can achieve it with effort and perseverance. We must take into account two important elements when it comes to losing weight: food and physical exercise. In this post we will give you tips to lose weight in a healthy way and we will talk about both.

1. Food
Changing our eating habits is very important if we want to lose weight. This does not mean that we should eat less, but that we have to get used to following a balanced diet. To begin with, eliminating food is useless; on the contrary. We should eat slightly smaller amounts about five or six times a day instead of eating a lot three times. This will keep our metabolism active and also reduce our cravings.

2. Healthy Diet
As we have said, to lose weight and feel good physically we must follow a balanced diet. Eating plenty of fiber is highly recommended, as a low-fiber diet can cause abdominal distention and cause fat to increase in that area. It also helps digestion and makes us feel better. We can consume it by eating fruits, vegetables and cereals, for example.

But, we can’t just eat fiber! If we do, we can feel bad, as excessive consumption often causes gas and other discomforts. We must eat a little bit of everything. Lean protein, for example, promotes muscle development and helps burn fat. There are foods that contain it that are delicious, such as white fish, natural tuna, lentils or eggs. Eating meat, dairy products and some carbohydrates is also recommended. Yes… carbohydrates!

3. Can I eat carbs?
I’m sure we’ve heard that if we want to lose weight we must eliminate carbohydrates from our diet. That’s not entirely true. They’re not poison, they’re not going to hurt us, but we have to be careful. It’s always good to eat a little bit of everything (that’s what we mean by a balanced diet), but it’s true that we should eat carbs less days a week and try to do so in the morning or at noon. If one day a week we eat pasta nothing happens, and if another day we eat a snack, neither does it. The worst thing we can do is obsess over a diet that we are unable to follow. Sometimes it is preferable to take a little longer to lose weight but then maintain the desired figure, without any rebound effects.

The most important thing is to get a good balance between the foods we eat. It is very good to make a schedule of meals and try to follow it, in addition to trying to be 6 and not 3 times that we eat a day.

4. Goodbye to fast food
Many times what we want most in the world is to eat a McDonald’s burger or end up sitting with a box of chocolate cookies. But we don’t. It’s neither healthy nor will it help us lose weight, quite the contrary. It’s true that you have to eat everything and not be obsessed with your diet, but reducing the level of fat we consume is one of the efforts we must make if we want to lose weight and have healthier habits. So, goodbye to fried foods, pastries, sugary soft drinks and fast food.

5. Drink lots of water
Water helps your body stay hydrated and cleanse itself inside. It is always good to drink a lot of water, but for people who are trying to lead a healthier life or lose some weight, the ideal is to drink 2 liters a day. It may seem like a lot at first, but you get used to it. You don’t have to force yourself, because if you drink too much at once you can feel bad. The idea is to try and hydrate yourself more often and get into the habit little by little. You’ll see how after a few weeks you’ll make the two liters disappear without even noticing it!

6. Physical exercise
The second important point in losing weight is to do sport. It is very important to exercise the body to burn the calories we eat and to be in shape. Besides being a very healthy habit, it prevents fat from accumulating not only in the belly area, but in the whole body.

To remove those extra centimeters from your belly, first of all you must know that exercising only the abdominal area will be difficult to achieve. This happens because, in general, localized fat reduction does not work. If we exercise only one group of muscles we will not be able to reduce the fat in that area, so what we have to do is combine abdominal exercises with others that exercise the rest of the body. It’s good to walk, run, bike or do exercises like zumba or aerobics.

Anyway, we provide you with two routines to work the abdominal area. If you combine them with another type of exercise and with a healthy diet you will be able to achieve a flat stomach.

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