Alissa Violet Bra Size and Body Measurements

Birth Name: Alissa Violet-Marie Butler
Age: 24, born 12 June 1996
Born and residing in:  United States
Height: 5' 9"

A glamorous Gemini, Alissa’s Instagram account features glamorous shots where she manages to look divine in whatever attire she chooses – whether tight-fit leather biker jeans, casual black tank top and shorts, or just a hoodie and sweats. She is a tall beauty with a height of 5 ft and 9 inches, and a wholesome weight of 55 kg that gives her a tall and slender look.

Her body type can be classified as an hourglass body type – the epitome of all body types. The hourglass figure is characterized by substantial-sized bust and buttocks, with a slim and slender waist. Alissa sports her figure with a bust measured at the ample size of 34 inches with a B cup. Her waist is smaller in proportion to her posterior, with the former at 23.5 inches and her rear at 34 inches to match her breasts. She keeps herself fit with her gym routines and is confident with her body type, as seen in many Instagram posts, where she flaunts the beauty she possesses.

Alissa Violet is an up and coming Instagram model, with a daunting following of 7.1 million. This beauty is based in Los Angeles, with only 20 years of age to her life; she has curated a portfolio of stunning portraits on Instagram. She rose to fame with the app Vine in 2013 where she would upload 6 second videos which garnered her a following of six hundred thousand before the app was shut down.
She was born on June 12th 1996 and brought up in Ohio with two brothers, but she made the move to California in 2017 for her career. She joined the YouTube community and has a massive following of 2.9 million subscribers to her channel where she uploads comedic videos with fellow YouTube stars. She also launched into modeling with New Star.

She dated popular YouTube star Jake Paul, even joining his company Team 10, until they split up in 2017 when she started dating another YouTube star, Faze Banks. Diversifying herself from vlogging and modeling, she made her acting debut in a series called The Deleted as well as playing the role of Yasira, daughter of Yzma, in Disney’s Descendants 2 released in 2016. She also joined the CloutGang in 2017 along with fellow stars RiceGum and Sommer Ray.

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