Willie Thorne thanks Ronnie O’Sullivan from intensive care after moustache tribute

Willie Thorne has thanked Ronnie O’Sullivan for his moustache tribute as the former snooker star battles a string of health problems in intensive care in Spain.

The Rocket was sporting a moustache during the Championship League last week and gave a nod to Thorne when asked about the new look.

‘I might keep it,’ said O’Sullivan. ‘I’m like a new Willie Thorne, but with hair.’

The message reached Thorne in Torrevieja hospital, via his friend and former goal pro Mark Roe, who told newspaper The Leader how he responded.

‘Willie sent me a message back loud and clear from the intensive care unit in Torrevieja hospital to say: “Thanks Ronnie – I love you,”‘ Roe told the Spain-based publication.

‘All his friends, fans and family know how much this sort of a gesture means to Willie, in his fight to get back to better health.’

Thorne revealed in March that he had been diagnosed with leukaemia and was undergoing chemotherapy in Spain.

‘It’s unbelievable, you couldn’t have written my script,’ Thorne told the Mail on Sunday. ‘It’s a nightmare. I’m not great, I’m in a bit of a state. The chemotherapy has knocked me about a bit. I think I’m a fighter but I’m just bloody punch-drunk at the moment.

‘It all happened in a day. I went into hospital thinking I had a kidney infection and all of a sudden “bosh”, they told me I had leukaemia.’

After being discharged from hospital, Thorne then developed sepsis which left him unable to move his arms and legs.

On 31 May, his friend and carer Julie O’Neill posted a positive update on the GoFundMe page for his recovery, explaining that Willie had regained some movement in his arms.

‘We have managed to get a clearer picture from the medical professionals now going forward and are able to formulate a care plan more efficiently for him,’ O’Neill wrote.

‘He has some movement back in his arms which is fantastic and he is much more upbeat and positive in his mood too.’

However, he is now reported to be back in intensive care with a mystery infection.

‘Doctors are still trying to diagnose Willie’s massive infection,’ Roe told The Leader.

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