Top 15 Most Expensive Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Pieces

Even though the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs on December 9 of 2014, the angels have already walked the catwalk in London, and worn the million-dollar costumes the rest of the planet will drool over. The company; Victoria’s Secret was founded when a man went into a department store and felt really uneasy buying lingerie for his wife and desired somewhere that would be catered more towards men. What defines lingerie is different for lots of people, however, it is mainly meant to be a piece that covers both the bottom and top half of a woman, so the Fantasy Bra that is valued at millions of dollars and that has been modelled in the VS Fashion Show since 1996, doesn’t really fit the category. Besides, the Fantasy Bra are created and designed specifically for the supermodel who will be using it each show, and is taken apart after a year if no one buys it.

The diamond and crystal-encrusted bras began as a million-dollar bra in the 1196 Christmas catalog (modelled by Claudia Schiffer), and the one modelled by Candice Swanepoel in the 2014 show is valued at $10 million, and was designed by a jeweler by the name Mouawad. Candice had said that they had to make a mold in her body for the Fantasy Bra to fit correctly, and she was very excited about wearing it. It includes a 52-carat ruby hanging down from the center of it in the front, which was the part that Candice most liked about the multi-million dollar item. If we are looking at brassieres and the most costly ones ever created, then the Fantasy Bra that was modelled in the 2014 VS Fashion Show is sure to take the first spot.

15. Embellished Tulle Gown, $98

Although this is one of the cheapest on this list, the “Embellished Tulle Gown” is probably one of the most elegant of the lingerie that is on here. This coral-colored, floor-length piece of lingerie comes from the Dream Angels collection of Victoria’s Secret. It is created with a lace that is super soft and elaborated with rhinestones. Also, the straps overlap in the back; as can be seen through the sheer gown. V-string underwear is included with the gown to match it. The pretty evening dress has a V-neck that goes down quite low, is styled with rhinestones and has lace trim all around it.

14. Fearless Cutout Lace Garter Slip, $98

The “Fearless Cutout Lace Garter Slip” is another piece that is designed to go with stockings and a garter. The stretchy, lacy slip has a back that is cut really low to show off your curves and you can buy it in black or red, whatever you like. To add to that, it has hooks in the back and has adjustable straps to allow it to fit well. The front-part of it is low-cut also, and has a sheer covering on the sides with tiny straps down the middle, together with a lace to give it that “sexy” look. Put a beautiful garter together with it and it is just right for that big night.

13. Strappy Back Halter Gown, $108

The price of the “Strappy Back Halter Gown” is $108 at Victoria’s Secret, and looks stunning enough that is looks like it could be worn out to that fancy restaurant. Although it looks beautiful enough, it might not be a good idea to do that though, it is still a piece of lingerie. The material of the dress is spandex and polyester, and is slightly see-through; with sheer sides created from mesh. The back and front of it go down really low, and the gown is close to five feet long, and has a silky feel to it; maybe from the spandex and polyester used to make it.

12. Scandalous Garter Slip With Matching Panty, $116

Even though this garter slip may or may not be inspired by the television show, Scandal, the highly-rated show does pop up in your mind when looking at the bright red lingerie. Bring the garter back in style by wearing the matching panty that comes with it, which is included in the total price, but iis bought separately. The bottom half has no back coverage, which makes it a bit chilly if you are not under the silk sheets! Created with a beautiful lace and mesh, the slip hardly covers the body, which is what lots of men are searching for when they are buying the perfect piece for their “other half.”

11. Fashion Show Lace & Ruffle Bustier With Matching Panty, $118

The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is bringing back the garter and bustier (did it ever leave?), and this one is based right off of the runway! The pink strips which make up the main design of the VS are used to make this beautiful lingerie. The white and pink stripe design is slightly covered with a black lace; just enough to give it that special touch. Look like an angel, and don’t forget to wear it with the matching panty that comes with it. Add a cute little black or pink garter to go with the bustier, and it is sure to impress that special someone in your life.

10. Faux Leather & Lace Plunge Bra With Matching Cheekini Panty, $124 – $128

The “Faux Leather and Lace Plunge Bra” does not have the matching panty, but it only makes sense to purchase them together. The set is designed to look like leather, however, it isn’t, so there is no worrying about any animals being harmed in making of this sexy lingerie. This is also something that can be worn under your clothes, so it not a bad deal at all. This bra has a very low front, and it is also created with lace and lifts you up slightly. The low-rise Cheekini Panty will barely cover your back, and is made of nylon and spandex; so it is not just sexy, but it is also with be most likely comfy.

9. Embellished Chiffon Slip, $148

During the 1940s and 1960s, a slip was usually worn underneath a dress to “hide” anything that they did not want to be seen. Nowadays, products such as “The Embellished Chiffon Slip,” are designed to be a sexy piece of lingerie that can be worn by itself (mostly in private, though). The beautiful light-colored slip is totally sheer and has rhinestones throughout, with ruffles on a pair of straps and the gorgeous lace that decorates the bottom. The materials used on this one is polyester, spandex and nylon, so it should be comfortable to wear and if you are romantic, could be even worn under a dress if you desire.

8. Floral Embroidered Babydoll, $148

This totally adorable piece of lingerie is black with a little skirt attached to it. The “Floral Embroidered Babydoll” has flowers all over the front, is made of tulle all over the whole body and has thin straps that can be adjusted to allow it to fit well. It hooks in the back and the straps are adjustable. Materials used are nylon and spandex, so it is a bit stretchy and comfy, as well. This babydoll has included with it a matching v-string panty, do you don’t have to worry about looking for a separate piece that will match. Although it is really beautiful, the babydoll is not designed to be worn in public, either.

7. Embellished Lace Teddy, $258

If what gets you going is sheer and black, the “Embellished Lace Teddy” is the right thing for you. It has a really low neckline (going down close to the belly button) and is almost totally see-through. It is one piece of sheer sexiness, embellished with Swarovski rhinestones and lace goes all over the lingerie. It includes a cute belt-type feature that goes around the the waist, and it is completely open at the back. This teddy’s material is silk, spandex and nylon; so it will be not only stretchy, but also most comfortable and a bit stretchy. A thong is the bottom part of the lingerie, and it has a neck strap at the tip that almost looks like a necklace, to make it even sexier.

6. Swarovski Embellished Push-Up Bra With Matching Swarovski Cheekini Panty, $323

The “Swarovski Embellished Push-Up Bra” is about as close to the Fantasy Bra that is worn in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that you can get, without using millions of dollars. This gorgeous lingerie is colored in “frosted iris crystal” which is close to a light pink color and also comes with matching panties, the Swarovski Embellished Cheekini Panty, which is very similar to the bra. You have to buy the panty separately, but at $75 for the bottom half, it is still a lot less that the millions for the lingerie modelled by supermodels. Both are made with spandex and nylon, making sure there is comfort, as well as a little bit of stretch.

5. Embellished Lace Halter Teddy, $328

This black “Embellished Lace Halter Teddy” is so sexy; that it is most likely that you won’t find a picture of a model wearing it without turning on the “adult” settings on Google. It was made with a tribute to the European fashions, and is nothing but a sheer lace and black straps. It is decorated with Swarovski Crystals in the front party of the lingerie, and has a thong-style in the back of it. The teddy is open and includes more straps that are in the back; the materials include viscose, spandex and nylon, so it will stretch a bit.

4. Tulle & Lace Bustier With Matching V-String, $426, $456 Or $486; Depending On Color

Swarovski Rhinestones are used to allow this panty and bustier to look even more elaborate that they already are. It has a black top, and is mostly sheer with some lace and tiny spaghetti straps to keep it up. The cups are not lined, so if you are searching for something that can be seen through, this would be perfect for you. It also has a side-zipper, so it is not that hard to get off if you don’t want to mess around with the straps. The bustier by itself is $328, however, the v-string panty has to be bought separately. Both pieces are made of spandex and nylon and the v-string is sold for $128 if you would like black to match the top, $98 for spring rain (which is a light-blue color) and $158 for red.

3. VS Designer Collection Lace Plunge Push-Up Bra With Matching V-String, $426

Although the stunning “Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection Lace Plunge Push-Up Bra” is only (yes, only) about $200, you just cannot purchase it without buying the matching v-string to go along with it. Both the matching panty and the push up bra are made of spandex and nylon, and are embellished with Swarovski Crystals, which most probably have raised the cost of this beautiful lingerie set. The top part only comes in red or black, however, the panty is available in red, black or spring rain. The costs differ depending on the colors that are available. The most costly top part is the bustier in black, but the most costly for the bottom are the red colored panties.

2. Fashion Show Embellished Lace Bustier With Wings, $446

Want to look just like a gorgeous Victoria’s Secret Angel? You may be lacking in height to look like one, however, you can purchase a bustier to look larger than life. The “Fashion Show Embellished Lace Bustier” is $328 by itself, and the material is spandex and nylon. There is a zipper by the side, to allow it to be easier to put on (or take off). Also, a matching thong comes with it, and it is embellished with rhinestones. The skirt attached to the bustier is also adorable, and can be removed if wished. Now what would be more perfect to go with your bustier than wings? Probably nothing. The set just doesn’t look done without them. The wings are an extra $118, but since you are already buying the set for $328, why not spend some more cash?

1. The Embellished Halter Demi Bra, $486

This “Embellished Halter Demi Bra” is totally beautiful, and sells at Victoria’s Secret for $259, and the matching thong comes separately for the price of $228. Both in the set are made with Swarovski Crystal are colored black, and the material is made with spandex, silk and nylon. There is a high-waisted thong, but they are far from “granny panties.” This is most probably another variation of the Fantasy Bra, but very below the cost of the original. It may not contain rubies or diamonds, but the Swarovski Crystals will surely make it glitter. The bra also comes with a strap that goes around the neck, which is just as “sparkly” and comes off as well.

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