Huge Boobs Anveshi Jain To Play Sexologist In Telugu Debut Movie with 36 Bra Size

Mumbai: Actress Anveshi Jain is set to debut in Telugu films in Lakshmikanth Chenna’s film “Commitment”, where she will be essaying the role of of a sexologist.

“I am playing Dr Rekha Gupta, a sexologist.She meets a younger trainer in her gym, who falls in love with her. The plot revolves around how she responds to him and what reality checks she gets in life eventually,” Anveshi said.

In her Instagram Post
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She added that the movie has a deep message “about women that when they speak openly about their desires & sexuality, they are considered as easily available.”

“The movie shows another side of Rekha, who is committed towards her family and work, and is a very different person from how people perceive her,” she said.

Anveshi was chosen for the role after makers saw her app where she talks about the art of seduction and related topics.

In her Instagram Post
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“They approached and I read the script . After discussing the role for a while, I was signed for the movie. The best part of working in this film was that I didn’t have (had ) to act at all.

“It came out very naturally as all of it was inspired from my own life incidences and what I speak on my app about the art of seduction. More than acting, it was reliving all my experiences.”

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