Top 5 Huge Boobs Celebrities Should be Wearing Bigger Bras

Lingerie fitter reveals stars’ REAL bust measurements (and they’re a LOT bigger than you think)

  • Victoria Melo, bra fitter and founder of The Bustiest, predicts stars' bra sizes 
  • The lingerie expert says many celebrities are wearing bras that are too small 
  • She puts Mad Men star Christina Hendricks at a 32K rather than rumoured 38DD
  • Melo says Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton 'rarely' wears bras that truly fit
Curvy stars could be wearing bras that are several sizes too small for them, according to a lingerie expert.

Victoria Melo, bra fitter and founder of The Bustiest, has analysed hundreds of pictures of busty celebrities and come to the conclusion that a raft of A-listers are unknowingly wearing bras that don't offer adequate support.

Vogue cover girl Lara Stone is famed for her curves, yet Melo believes she is closer to a GG than a D, as reported.

Meanwhile Sports Illustrated star Kate Upton, who has often lamented her 34D bust, should be wearing a 32G, according to Melo's predictions.

5. Lara Stone Bra Size: Said to wear a D-cup, but should be in 30GG
Bra fitter Victoria Melo believes a worrying number of celebrities could be wearing the wrong bra size. Melo says model Lara Stone (pictured) is closer to a 30GG than a D-cup as reported. The 5ft 10in beauty has joked it would 'be nice if I wasn't the only person with t*ts and an a**e'

'A lot of women, even famous ones in Hollywood, are wearing the wrong bra size,' says Melo. 'Sadly, it’s also due to that old narrative that if a D cup is big, a DD cup is huge, and DDD cup is for a porn star.

'Like most other women, even celebrities tend to overestimate their band size and underestimate their cup size, meaning most of them should be wearing cup sizes much bigger than their agencies claim they wear.'

Read on to learn Victoria's predictions on the stars' true bra sizes.

4. Kim Kardashian Bra Size: Said to wear a 34D, but should be in 34G
Melo believes reality star Kim Kardashian is closer to a 34G than a 34 D as widely reported, saying: 'There’s simply no way that Kim’s band size is that wide considering her petite size'

She's one of the most recognised women in the world thanks, in no small part, to her enviable curves - but Melo believes Kim Kardashian's rumoured 34D bust size is wildly inaccurate.

'At just 125 lbs (9 stone), voluptuous Kim has the ultimate hourglass figure, but blogs have widely misreported her breast size as 34D,' she says.

'There’s simply no way that Kim’s band size is that wide considering her petite size, nor would her ample assets squeeze into a D cup bra.'

3. Kate Upton Bra Size: Said to wear a 34D, but should be in a 32G 
Curvy model Kate Upton is widely reported to have a 34D bust - but lingerie fitter and bra expert Victoria Melo puts Kate at a 32G - and believes she does not wear bras that 'truly fit her'

The Sports Illustrated model has talked  about the difficulty of making it as a curvy model and famously said, 'I wish I had smaller boobs every day of my life'.

But Melo says the 25-year-old's widely-reported 34D bust could not be further from the truth.

'Even though her job entails her to be in lingerie all day, it is rare that she is ever in a suit or bra that truly fits her,' says the lingerie fitter, who puts curvy Kate at a 32G.

2. Ashley Graham Bra Size: Said to wear a 38D, but should be in a 36G
Plus-size model Ashley Graham wears a size 10 (UK 14) and Melo believes she should be wearing a 36G bra - despite reports putting her at anywhere up to a 42D

She made headlines as one of Vogue's first plus-size cover girls, and Melo puts Ashley Graham's breast size at a 36G.

'Her bust size has been reported anywhere from 38D to 42D, but watching her [2010 Lane Byrant] commercial and tell me those ample breasts are only four inches bigger than her band size' says Melo.

'No way! I would put Ashley in a slightly smaller band size and a much larger cup size; four cup sizes larger, to be exact.'

1. Halle Berry Bra Size: Said to wear a 36C, but should be in a 30G
Halle Berry was rumoured to have had a breast augmentation early on in her career taking her up to a 36C - but according to Victoria Melo she is in fact closer to a 30G

At 50, the Emmy award-winning actress has the looks - and figure - of a woman half her age. But Melo says that super-fit Halle Berry is hiding a bigger bust than she'd have us believe.

The former Bond girl, who is rumoured to have had 36C implants early on in her career, is far to slim to be wearing a 36in band according to Melo.

'Of course, fitting into the right size bra makes [her looks] all the more possible - considering she probably wouldn’t look half as great if she was trying to pull off the 36C bra that most sources claim she is,' Melo notes, putting Berry at a 30G.

All Time - Christina Hendricks Bra Size: Said to wear a 38DD, but should be in 32K
According to Victoria Melo, Mad Men's Christina Hendricks should be wearing a 32K instead of a 38DD saying: 'Christina has been known to fit herself into some pretty insane outfits to accentuate her boobs, but that bra size definitely isn’t one of them'

Christina Hendricks' assets have long been source of endless fascination to her fans - much to the Mad Men actress's dismay.

In an interview with the Daily Mail's YOU magazine, she admitted: 'Having larger breasts has made it harder for me to shop throughout the years, but I’ve learnt to love it. It’s so bizarre that people are constantly asking if my breasts are real or fake.

‘They’re so obviously real that anyone who’s ever seen or touched a breast would know.’

While she is famously tight-lipped about her cup size, she is rumoured to wear a 38DD.

'Christina has been known to fit herself into some pretty insane outfits to accentuate her boobs, but that bra size definitely isn’t one of them,' says Melo, who puts the curvy star at a 32K.

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