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“Prince Charming!” Nick Jonas' Girlfriend List And Dating History

All the singer's ladies—from Miley Cyrus to Priyanka Chopra!

Nick Jonas‘ girlfriend list and dating history is a long and winding road. But, it has led him to this point—being engaged to Priyanka Chopra. Before he heads down the aisle, it is time to look back, all the way back, to his first loves, those short flings and even a quickie hook-up or two.

With two older brothers setting down themselves, it was about time for the serial dater to put a ring on it. Joe Jonas is engaged to Sophie Turner and oldest brother Kevin Jonas is married to Danielle Jonas. The Jonas Brothers and their significant others recently made the scene at the U.S. open and from all outside appearances, it appeared to grown up!
It wasn’t always life-long commitment love for the youngest Jonas brother. From his first girlfriend—Miley Cyrus, through Selena Gomez, a Miss Universe winner, models and even Kendall Jenner, Nick has made the most of his single years.

It’s nice to see him to happy with actress Chopra and all the Jonas Brothers in love matches with their significant others. To see how the youngest Jonas got there, let’s head into the dating time machine and go back to the beginning and learn all about Nick’s dating history!

10. Miley Cyrus dating Nick Jonas, 2006-2007

Defining moment: They met at a charity event when they were 13 and then Cyrus tapped his band, The Jonas Brothers, to open for Miley Cyrus on her international tour.

Why it ended: Blinding fame for both could not have been easy to maintain a relationship, much less at the tender age of 14. Both still have an affinity for the other, as Cyrus described Jonas as “Prince Charming” in her 2009 memoir.

In song: “7 Things” was supposedly written about Jonas by Cyrus and he admitted that the Jonas Brothers track “Wedding Bells” was all about her.

Still friends: Yes, as much as people can be who dated over a decade ago and are busy, travel the world celebrities.

9. Selena Gomez dating Nick Jonas, A Few Months in 2008
Defining moment: When Selena Gomez, a fellow Disney alumnus, appeared in The Jonas Brothers video for “Burnin’ Up.” The track was a hit, and so was Gomez and the youngest Jonas brother’s relationship. For a spell…
Why it ended: Could it have been a jealousy issue between a Gomez-Jonas-Cyrus love triangle? None involved has ever admitted as such. Also, teenage relationships don’t traditionally have a long timeline.

Still friends? Yes! Gomez admitted as such on a recent interview where she said they, “caught up the other day and it’s really fun to be able to do that.”

8. Rita Ora dating Nick Jonas, 2013
Defining moment: Jonas and Rita Ora were seen a lot and never admitted being together, but it was pretty obvious to anyone around them, or anyone who saw a picture of the two… he was really into her.

Why it ended: Did it even really begin?

Still friends? Isn’t everyone in the music business friends? Kidding! It is hard to tell. But, given the weight of Jonas’ crush on Ora, sounds like he would certainly leap at the chance to say hello if he ran in to her at a party.

In song: The Jonas Brothers’ track “What Do I Mean to You” mentions Ora by name!

7. Delta Goodrem dating Nick Jonas, April 2011-February 2012, August 8, 2017
Defining moment: Dating Delta Goodrem was Jonas’ first real “adult” relationship. He was 18 and the Australian singer was eight years older. She and the JoBro member dated for 10 months.

Why it ended: Given the distance between Australia and the U.S. it is amazing it had gone on for 10 months when the relationship ended. Toss in the age difference and how often the romantic interest of an 18-year-old lasts… this was a pretty decent-length love affair.
Still friends? Hard to say, but doubtful given the reasons they broke up. Although… brother Joe is a judge on The Voice Australia, and so too is Goodrem. The exes' relationship has come up on occasion, usually as a means of eliciting humor. Anyone willing to laugh about a past love probably does not hold any ill will.

6. Olivia Culpo dating Nick Jonas, 2013-2015
Defining moment: The pair met when Jonas was a co-presenter at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant and started dating soon after. Their highlight had to be their big coming-out, Olivia Culpo appearing in his video for the smash single “Jealous.”

Why it ended: After two years, Jonas’ longest relationship thus far, the love affair had run its course.

In song: Surprise! The video for the song that featured the lovebirds together, “Jealous,” is actually about Culpo. It chronicled a night out when there was a man who would not stop starring at the former Miss Universe. Guess it got to Jonas and he channeled it correctly… put it to music!
Still friends? Not sure how much they talk, post-breakup, but she was recently asked about his engagement to Chopra, given that she was his longest romance. “I’m so happy for him," she said to People. "I wish that everybody can find love and happiness. So that does not mean that I would not wish that for him.”

5. Kendall Jenner dating Nick Jonas, 2015
Defining moment: This is a classic, “did they or didn’t they” celebrity dating item. If they had a moment together, it happened due to a good friend of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid. Hadid was dating Jonas brother Joe at the time and word is she set up Jenner and the younger Jonas brother for a double date with the couple.
Why it ended: No sparks.

Still friends? Unlikely.

4. Lily Collins dating Nick Jonas, 2016
Defining moment: Not much of one, Lily Collins and Jonas only went on a few dates.

Why it ended: Chemistry, pressures of fame… who knows? Sometimes, you just know after a few nights out with a person that they’re not right for you. Even though he is a pop star and Collins is the daughter of one (Phil Collins), they could just not make it work.

Still friends? Perhaps, Jonas talked to the Mirror UK and had nothing but nice things to say about the starlet. “She is amazing. We have known each other for years, just running in the same circles." Nice to hear, especially with all her troubles, chronicled in Collins' tell-all book.

3. Kate Hudson dating Nick Jonas, 2016
Defining moment: The relationship between superstar actress Kate Hudson and a Jonas Brother had the paparazzi salivating, particularly when they were seen eating dinner together on the most romantic of calendar moments—Valentine’s Day! There were also rumors flying that the pair were each other’s date at the 2016 Met Gala.

Why it ended: Given that dating a more mature woman is not an issue with Jonas (after all, he’s engaged to Chopra, who is 12 years his senior), the 13-year age difference probably was not it. More likely, the pair simply were attracted to each other… physically… and that was it.
Still friends? Probably not, but again, if they crossed paths at a party, both are mature enough to have a nice chat and wax poetic about that Valentine’s Day dinner. In late 2016, Jonas appeared on the Andy Cohen hosted Watch What Happens Live! He said that the last he connected with her was through a text where he simply said, “Hope you’re well.” What did Cyrus call him? Prince Charming?! Seems to fit.

2. Georgia Fowler dating Nick Jonas, 2017
Defining moment: Taking Georgia Fowler, a Victoria’s Secret model, to the engagement party for brother Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner was a big deal. Pretty serious first date, what with meeting the family and all!

Why it ended: Like Collins before, the pair only went on a few dates and again—when you know it’s not going to work, you know.

Still friends? Pretty unlikely given that the two were just casually dating.

1. Madeline Brewer dating Nick Jonas, 2018
Defining moment: A few dates in January of 2018. Then again, The Handmaid’s Tale star never felt those times that she appeared in public with Jonas were “dates.” Speaking to ET, she discovered why it may have appeared that way. “[We] ate food across from each other. I guess [that's a date].”

Why it ended: When both people in a budding relationship are in the spotlight and it just doesn’t feel right… why even continue? That seems to be the case with Jonas on several occasions here.

Still friends? Yes, especially given that Jonas is being painted by these exes as quite the gentlemen—even by women that he only went out a few times. In that ET interview, Madeline Brewer described him as, “really nice. He's a nice guy. We're friends.”

“Mystery Australian Woman dating Nick Jonas,” March 2018 Nick Jonas
Defining moment: Getting caught by paparazzi making out in a park, after a bike ride… basically throughout the singer’s vacation. She was eventually revealed to be Annalisa Azaredo, a biomedical science graduate of University of Melbourne.

Why it ended: From the looks of things, it was just a vacation fling. Distance didn’t help things either… after all she lives Down Under and Jonas lives in the good ‘ole USA.

Still friends: We doubt that fiancé Priyanka Chopra would be down with that.

Nick Jonas Wife Priyanka Chopra dating Nick Jonas, 2018 To Present
Defining moment: Although the relationship of Chopra and Jonas has been somewhat short, there are many highlights—including attending the U.S. Open in New York City with his brothers and their significant others. But, given that they are now engaged… that has to be their biggest moment thus far. July 27, 2018 will forever be an important date for the couple as it was the day that Jonas—to quote Beyonce, “put a ring on it.”

What’s in a name? As many celebrity couples have, the press has coined a term to describe the lovebirds—Nickyanka. What do you think…like it? Does have a nice ring to it. Get it? Ring?!

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