Selena Gomez Hasn’t Googled Herself In Years, Can You Guess The Reason?

Selena Gomez also confessed to doing things that weren’t ‘really her’ in her career.

Selena Gomez is a brunette beauty. She began her career at the age of just 7, and there’s been no looking back. From being a pop sensation to acting and now being a producer – her career graph is noteworthy. Despite the years of success, one thing that the Rare Beauty owner doesn’t do is google herself! Below is all the scoop you need.

Gomez recently released a new single ‘Ice Cream’ in collaboration with Blackpink. The song has already crossed 200 million views on YouTube. Owing to the same, the Look At Me Now the singer has been busy with promotions. Amongst other things, she has now revealed about being over-sexualised in her teenage and not googling herself over the years.

Selena Gomez says she has a compassionate heart. That’s the reason she has refrained from typing her name on Google over the years. “I haven’t done that in years. I honestly can’t. I’m strong in a lot of ways, but I think I just have way too much of a sensitive heart,” she said in a conversation with Allure magazine.

Selena Gomez also confessed to doing things that weren’t ‘really her’ in her career. She has gone nude for the album cover of Revival. Apart from that, her songs Hands To Myself, Good For You created a lot of noise over her alluring looks.

But the Boyfriend singer feels she was over-sexualized. “I just did things that weren’t really me. There was pressure to seem more adult on my album, Revival. (I felt) the need to show skin… I really don’t think I was (that) person.

The good thing is that Selena is now an entrepreneur. She feels that she finally has control over her life. “It’s more that I am in control. I am in full control of my life, and everything that I do, what is out there, everything. So I would like to say, yes. I’m in charge of everything in my life,” Selena Gomez concluded.

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