Farrah Abraham : Sex tape stories and rumors!

Farrah Abraham is an American reality television personality, singer, and writer. She is born on May 31, 1991, in Omaha Nebraska but she was raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She was cast in the reality television series 16 and pregnant in 2009 which gave her public attention.

The show documented the pregnancies and first months of motherhood for several young women. Next was seen in the spin-off series Teen Mom. In 2011 she went to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida and got her degree in culinary arts and management. Mom & Me pasta sauce line was later launched by her.

Farrah Abraham sex tape stories and rumors

The sex tape was a wild ride full of half-truths and drama. The sex tape was not exactly sex tape at least not in the usual sense. Farrah’s tape was homemade considering the production value. She made it with an actual pon star (James Deen).

An overview of the raunchy video has been complied by radar from its initial release and drama that followed. The main question that arises here is was it all planned and how did she handle everything? For Farrah sex tape is the beginning of a new chapter that has a whole lot of skin and full of drama.

The sex tape also involves James Deen who is an adult film star. The audience kept wondering whether he was hired or was he her boyfriend. In an interview, James revealed that Farrah hired him to film the raunchy video which leads to the belief that the leak was planned. In an interview, Farrah stressed that James was hired and there was a purpose for the vide leak.

Another story that surfaced was Farrah was trying to sell her own sex tape prior to 2013. She was offered the opportunity to film a professionally with Vivid Entertainment after everyone passed on the tape. Later she did cosmetics surgery. (Article Source: tecake)

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