Italian Women: Why it is Worth Marrying Them

Profound gaze, dark eyes, beautiful long hair waving in the wind, slim figure, fitted dress, high heels and confident walk. We bet this is the first association that springs to mind when you think of an Italian woman. Well, we have to warn you - this is not a romanticized entry to another novel, this is the reality that’s waiting for you if you take a closer look at who Italian women are. 

Why Are Italian Women So Popular

You might be baffled knowing the fact that Italian females are people of contrast in terms of character. Exactly Italian traits make them so unique and desired. But let’s admit it: the more spicy the game becomes, the more your desire to get such women escalates. Most important thing you need to know is that Italian women are independent yet loving and obsessed, passionate yet reserved, strict yet exuberant. They like a good discussion while on a date, drinking a glass of wine and unwinding from job.

Italians are Loud and Expressive

Fervent gestures, loud screams, broken plates - these traits you’ll never confuse with any other nationality. It doesn’t matter if Italian women are jealous of their fiancé, whether she quarrels with her friend or makes children behave - the whole neighbourhood will know about it.

Remember the image of Sophia Loren in the role of Filumena from the movie “Marriage Italian Style”? Or maybe Malena performed by Monica Bellucci? World cinema has long ago successfully exploited the collective image of a typical Italian, which is very truthful.

Italian Girls are Fashionable

It’s not a secret that Italian women dress like goddesses. They have an impeccable taste when it comes to clothes, and all tourists notice the delicate taste as well as a keen sense of style of local women. In Italy, if we judge by clothes, women express a strong desire to look stylish. In fact, this longing is so intense that it has long turned into a real mania, generously spurred by television and the ubiquitous gloss. 

Indeed, you won’t find a city in Italy with a deficit of shopping malls and boutiques. Italian girl likes to pamper herself with sexy lingerie and extravagant dresses, as these are the top items Italian women buy for their wardrobe. More importantly, they don’t gaurge money for such purchases. Everything’s for the sake of beauty!

Italian Woman Is a Homemaker

Despite being loaded with job responsibilities and pursuing career prospects, Italian women do know their role in family. Women of this nationality are resilient and they handle things for the prosperity of their own children. Paradoxically, she’s keen on taking care of herself and she definitely has this healthy dose of egoism like any other respected woman. But along with that, she also spreads love, warmth and affection, touching the hearts of her husband, children, relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Her fondness and time is enough for everyone as she makes her own contribution to the family budget, not being dependent on her husband and always managing to look perfect everywhere. This superwoman can multitask and still remain devoted to self-care, and this fact cannot be left unnoticed. 

They Love Children

Every Italian is a real mother, primarily because she cherishes children and likes spending time with them. It doesn’t matter if she takes care of toddlers, pets or teenagers - they put their souls and hearts to bring up the best version of a human being. If in some countries women over 20 see view children as a symbol of apocalypse for a young life until they give birth themselves, Italian women treat other children almost the same way as their own.

They will sheerily admire even a stranger baby and play with him or her on playgrounds without any effort. They are ready to accept all children and strive to embody motherhood in the most natural way. For them, this phenomenon is not a change in life, but another important step.

Italian Females Love Food

Italian women live for food, they talk about it regularly, and they clap hands when they see an interesting menu in a restaurant. Everyone knows that the happiest people are those who like eating a savory meal, so Italians can be safely put in this category. But apart from appreciating a sophisticated dish in a cafe or restaurant, they are skillful cooks from birth. Italian mothers consider these females to be masters of Italian cuisine, and this is an integral part of their family heritage. You might think that they gain weight rapidly, but this is not quite true - it’s just the opposite. 

The secret of their fragile figures lies in Medditerranian diet. Italians do not consume unhealthy food, and they will certainly not eat at all than eat something that’s not appropriate for their shape. They think of lunch as a dish for royals. It should not be hard for stomach and full of vitamins. They eat three times a day and rarely have a snack. And this means that they can keep their figures in good shape. 

However, Italian women don’t keep away from desserts too. Whenever they see a cake or any other kind of sweets, they grab three bites and feel more than comfortable with them. This manner of consuming food is not to be confused with gluttony. For Italians, putting on weight is the worst nightmare they can possibly imagine. 

They're Clever

Yes, Italians are damn smart. Perhaps because in the work settings, men play the main role in business, and thus Italian women have to work harder to be equals. They must be twice as fast, bright, and capable, and twice as effective to earn at least half of the male’s recognition commonly bestowed to males-professionals. Almost all Italians speak at least three languages ​​and at the same time, look fantastic and seem super-feminine.

An Italian colleague is a person whom you definitely want to have in your team: a skilled worker, inventive and resourceful. When she says she will start a company, hire employees, and let them solve all political and financial issues, she will certainly keep her promise. Women are without a doubt the future of their country. 

What Makes Italian Brides Special?

First of all, it’s their attitude to life. Italian girls are always ready to new discoveries, adventures and possibilities. They take everything from life with open arms, and they never regret anything. With them, the likelihood of you getting bored boils down to zero, for Italian woman will treat you just the way she treats herself. 

Second of all, you can rest assured that your table will always be laid, the comfort of your home maintained on the highest level, and your children the happiest people on Earth, just because they have such a mother with them. More importantly, you won’t crave attention from her since most Italians give more than take.    

How are Italian Brides Different From Russian Brides?

The first thing you should keep in mind before looking for your destiny is that hot Italian women differ culturally from Russian ones. In case of the latter, women usually devote almost all their time to families and they often see no boundaries between self-care and full devotion to husband and children. Russian females see their main value and mission in this. Therefore, they can postpone shopping and going out with friends for indefinite time. And the more the family extends, the more they abandon themselves for the sake of family. 

With Italian brides though the situation is totally different. They don’t rush to supermarkets to prepare food and feed the entire family. They’d rather spend quality time in spa or beauty salon, or both. But at the same time, she’ll never forget about children and give them the attention they deserve. 

Another major difference between brides of both nationalities has to do with temper. While Russian women are more of a reserved and calm type, the psychological state of Italian women is not for every man to handle. One second they burst with anger and passion, the other - show tenderness and endless love. Their passion is all-consuming, filling the hearts of those indifferent with fear and excitement simultaneously. 

Where to Meet Italian Brides?

If you’re considering arranging a randevu and then dating an italian woman, there are several best options to take into account. The most common place where you can find beautiful Italian women is a local cafe, restaurant, club or pub. Chances are such relationship won’t last for long or maybe you won’t be able to find a girl of your dreams at all. Then comes your workplace, which is not a good idea either, especially considering that office romances end quickly. The only way is to find hot italian girls on dating apps, but who can guarantee that your meeting will ever happen? 

While all of the above options are obviously unreliable, marriage agency isn’t. By asking for italian mail order brides from time-proven and recognized company, you can rest assured that your chances of meeting sexy Italian women in person will increase twofold. 

In fact, you’ll not only get professional photographs of the women to see them in the best light but also translation services to break the ice instantly and boost further communication. A pleasant plus is the fact that some agencies will plan the entire trip instead of you in case you don’t want to bother about nuances of hotel booking on the way to your dream. 


If you ever visited Italy, you probably noticed the embarrassment of riches there. Every female looks gorgeous. She drowns in the sea of men’s attention, so the competition is as hot as Italian women are. But these ladies aren’t as hard to get as you might think. That’s because Italians love foreigners, and they won’t miss an opportunity to try something new. 

Ultimately, marrying an Italian woman is like winning a lottery. You’ll never get bored with her knowing how many of her traits will bring you joy and happiness on a daily basis. If you wonder what else makes these marvellous women special, you can find mail order brides reviews on our website.

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