Joselyn Cano: How Did She Die? — Cause of Death | She Will Be Remembered as the "Mexican Kim Kardashian"

Known by many as the "Mexican Kim Kardashian," 30-year-old Instagram model Joselyn Cano has reportedly died, though the sad news remains unconfirmed.

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Following her last Instagram post dated Dec. 7, 2020, reports began to circulate ten days later on Dec. 17 that the influencer had passed away on the same day as her last social media post. But how did Joselyn Cano die? Keep reading while we go into the sad news.

How did Joselyn Cano die?

Joselyn was a model, social media influencer, and fashion designer. After studying Microbiology at San Diego State University, per her LinkedIn page, the Newport Beach, Calif. native amassed 12.8 million followers on Instagram and was known for her OnlyFans content.

'Mexican Kim Kardashian' dies following Big Butt cosmetic surgery

Fellow influencer Lira Mercer first announced her death when she tweeted, "Omg Joselyn Cano died in Colombia getting surgery, that's wild," on Dec. 15. "She looked so good already wow prayers for her family she was so sweet," Lira added in a follow-up tweet.

A three-hour funeral service was reportedly streamed online from California earlier during the week of Dec. 14, and a short message on the stream read: "Joselyn entered this life on Wednesday, March 14, 1990. She entered into Eternal Life on Monday, December 7, 2020." 

The stream of the funeral, which was uploaded to YouTube, saw loved ones paying their respects to the young woman.

While reports of Joselyn's death still remain unconfirmed, the general consensus is that she died while under the knife for her second Brazilian butt lift procedure in Colombia.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Brazilian butt lifts, or BBLs, result in "an alarming rate of mortality, estimated to be as high as 1:3,000, a rate of death far greater than any other cosmetic surgery," Newsweek reports.

The way a Brazilian butt lift works is that fat is grafted from various parts of the body, then injected into the buttocks. The United States has seen a massive surge in popularity with these procedures in the past ten years.

According to DailyMail's findings, the rate of butt lifts has risen 252 percent from 2000 to 2015. "Injecting fat into the butt can lead to problems if done improperly, including fat embolism — which is when fat enters the bloodstream and blocks a blood vessel," the outlet writes.

Fans rushed to Twitter to express their condolences about the loss of this social media icon, who was revered by many on Instagram as the "Mexican Kim Kardashian."

"Descansa en paz," or "Rest in peace," one person tweeted after the sad news was announced.

The New York Post notes that neither the Cano family nor Joselyn's various brand representatives have officially confirmed her passing.

When asked how she dealt with haters, Joselyn kept her response in her Instagram highlights: "I'm so unfazed by it I just block immediately and pay them no attention. I only like to surround myself with positivity and with individuals that emit positive energy."

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