New Year 2021: Top Celebrities New Year Resolution 2021

New Year means something new coming towards you. The previous year has been the toughest year for almost everyone in different ways. Many celebrities have given their New Year Resolutions they had up their sleeves for 2021. While some were eager to start fresh, others are making sure to carry forward important lessons and keep them safe for the times to come. Let’s have a look what your favorite celebrities will be up to in 2021.

1. Ayesha Omer

“To work on my mental health along with physical and emotional too,” is Ayesha Omar’s goal this year, as she hopes to incorporate meditation and yoga in her life. “Start exercising regularly, Clean up my diet some more, To get back to music and painting. To start saving more and work on securing my future. To pray more, to practice more gratitude. So much to be thankful for!” she said, adding that her own needs and wants are her focus for the upcoming year. Ayesha Omer also wants to spend more time with her mama, cut down excessive socializing to limit her time online and on the phone, and is aiming to fix her sleep cycle.

2. Sarwat Gilani

“My New Year resolution is to work towards recreating laws in our constitution in order to protect our women and children,” mentioned Sarwat. “What I learnt from this year was hard work always pays off, it may not be in a form of an award but it definitely has its rewards”, she added.

3. Anoushey Ashraf

Anoushey Ashraf wants to run charity drives every three months. “Just small drives to contribute in sectors I love. Children, animal rights, environment and education!,” she shared.

4. Bilal Maqsood

“The most important thing 2020 has taught me is to be thankful to God for every small thing which we easily take for granted in our everyday lives. I’ll keep replaying this to myself for the rest of my life; the little things matter the most. You realize their importance when they’re not there,” said Bilal. Further he added that “And I’m looking forward to the bloody vaccine.”

5. Falak Shabbir

Falak explained his New Year Resolution as “I wish 2021 is a peaceful year, 2020 taught me that health is wealth, and to spend time with loved ones, especially parents.” That’s something Falak is taking forth with himself.

6. Ahsan Khan

“I will not take anything for granted ever, we all shouldn’t. These Covid 19 days have taught us a lot. Give more value to yourself and your loved ones, stop running after material stuff, count your blessings, reflect and focus on your spiritual side. Mental health and sanity is most important. Work hard for whatever your targets are and make sure to stay positive”, said Ahsan.

7. Emmad Irfani

“Well, my New Year resolution is mostly the same every year. Capitalize on the previous year, keep on doing the work and be the best version of myself”, says Emmad.

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