Gemma Arterton shows Her Sex Scene Avatar as Nun In The BBC Drama Black Narcissus (10 Pics)

Gemma Arterton is one of the actresses who received praise for their boldness on screen. She knows how to portray a sexy scene with boldness and beauty. This time she showed her naughty side as a sexy diva as the former Bond actress was cast to play the role of a nun in the BBC festive drama Black Narcissus. This BBC drama is a remake of a 1947 movie that has received a steamy rendition. The 34-year-old has previously shown her charm in a sultry romance scene as MI6 agent Strawberry Fields in 2008’s Quantum of Solace.

The story deals with the convent leader Sister Clodagh who has devoted herself to God after leaving behind the mundane life. But she often loses her prayer after getting into temptations. As she moves to a spooky school in the Mountains of Nepal, she starts getting more and more tempted by her desires and sexual attractions. She also receives flashbacks of her sexual encounters from her past life, and she ends up whipping herself for getting tangled in those desires and memories.

The things get heated as her eyes fell on a Hunky handyman, Mr. Dean, which sparked the temptations and desire in her once again. The 48-year-old Alessandro Nivola showed a fantastic aura that matched Gemma’s beauty. Though the scene intensifies the tension of the movie, many viewers were shocked by the sexual encounter of the nun. As someone commented, “I was stunned. I wasn’t expecting to see a nun having erotic fantasies in a show going out just after Christmas.” The finale of the show is probably going to be more intense as sister Clodagh will have an interaction with Sister Ruth, played by the 27-year-old Irish actress Aisling Franciosi.











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