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Arisara Karbdecho (Thai: อริศรา กาพย์เดโช), nicknamed Alice (Thai: อลิส; born 7 October) is a Thai model and net idol. She gained notability as a celebrity through her Facebook and Instagram.

Never fall into the current at all For net idols, sexy line Alis Arisara, epic Decho, because when the game Pokemon Go is popular , this girl translates into A sexy picachu gives the boys their hearts trembling.

For Alice, it is considered as one of the top net idols in Thailand by facebook Arisara Karbdecho. There are hundreds of thousands of people already pressed to follow In addition to product reviews She also has photo shoots and entertainment events from time to time. On the hot side, I must say that it is not normal because Alice has pictures appearing on many Chinese websites. This event is because of the cute and sexy, it has been posted on many websites.

Make the boys' hearts melt together after Alice-Arisara Epic Dechonet, the idol show off a sexy degree that crushes young minds with the July 2016 issue of FHM THAILAND magazine because men like to sneak up on Facebook a girl around 3 hours after a meal. In this event, we grabbed a net idol that many people are familiar with, called 'Alice' Arisara Epicdecho, which is familiar in a clear, sexy look, has a shield for young men to admire in a perfect manner. !

Young men may follow you on the net But few know who you are. Can you tell me?

Really, Alice is quite a shy person. I can't speak well And it is a hundred percent sweet girl. I like pink. I like kitty.

If boys buy a kitty for you Did you get your heart?

Like it (smile) plus a little more.

You have already taken a swimsuit model. Are you still excited today?

Still a little excited

Are you feeling pressured or nervous about this shoot?

Not pressure, but more excited. And was a little worried about how it would turn out

How did you move towards becoming a net idol?

It is like a woman in general. Take pictures of your daily life on Facebook. But may post pictures often What do we do? It was also news, so it became a net idol.

How do you go about getting a lot of people on the net?

I think that our identity is clear that it is a little clear, but may have breasts. Which is contradicting Pretty but sexy face

It is said that net idol is a gateway to enter the entertainment industry ... Is that your goal?

Actually, I did not think that he would enter the entertainment industry. Just loud among people who surf the internet Is just a net idol Did not think that he would enter the industry.

Do you think that you will become a net idol?

I don't think. Actually, we still don't know that When are we a net idol?

And when did you come to know it?

When I got out, people started asking to take pictures. There started to be greeted by Alice Net Idol, right? Well, he called me Net Idol. So I thought that we were net idols because our friends or those around us called us that way.

How is it good to be a net idol?

From being a normal person One of them has been interested in our lives. And it makes us get to know more people too

How do girls who want to be like you have to get started?

For example, Alice's who is a net idol because of the news about obesity and losing weight. It is like inspiring others to be thin and thin of others. Are different Asis didn't know how to start.

Is there a day when you don't enter Facebook or IG?

No, I go in every day, very addictive.

Do you remember when you started playing?

About 17 and then stick it. Add more to every day.

How much are you with the online world in 1 day?

Every time I am free, I go in very often, in an hour I have to have at least 2-3 times, look a little bit and I go out.

See the likes or what?

Look at the feed page rather than what someone has posted. Of their own, see what people are commenting on

If one day the internet crashes the whole country What will your life be like that day?

I used to think ... there would be nothing to do. Is usually rarely going out Because of social media But suppose that it cannot be played, would go out to watch a movie to do something

And when the internet comes back to use What was the first post you posted?

Yesterday, the net fell so lonely, nothing to do, do you miss Alice? Something like this.

How do you feel when someone nicknamed you 'The fattest net idol'?

It feels funny and it's weird because it's definitely not. Loei Net idols who are fat

When it is ranked as one of the top 10 net idols with the most followers in 2014, the weight is not yet 65, right?

It's close.

What motivated you to make a serious weight loss decision?

With friends on the net, he encouraged us that Happened like this and turned the crisis into an opportunity I think Alice can definitely do it. But those who speak badly about us We look at it as well. Did not see that he hated us Then use it to push yourself better than you have to do

What is the reason for when you are obese?

It is because they eat it purely. Alice likes dessert, loves crispy pork, eats a lot and sleeps. Not exercising in 2 months for 7-8 hours, because I rarely use energy to do anything

7 hundred thousand gained from losing 7 kilograms of weight, what did you take it for?

Most of them gave me And keep it for another part as a reward for yourself that we can do it

Take it to buy the things you want to eat


And what is the reward for yourself?

Go abroad And buy the things that you want

Tell me a secret to lose body shape?

Alice's exercise But what I think is more important than exercise is choosing food Will count the calories of food every time you eat when you are heavy meals, all 3 meals totaling no more than 800, it means that one meal is about 200 calories.

But now I don't do that. Just don't eat a lot, Alice doesn't starve, use the choice to eat.

What do you like to stop these days?

From where before you can eat everything Now, I have a table of calories, open to see how much calories this one, if a lot, I don't eat. Change to eat something else instead Which helps a lot Today, tables are still open.

What is the most important thing to lose weight?

Confidence that you can do it And did not procrastinate Do not think that tomorrow will reduce. Have to start today This is the most important

Have you ever had any other hairstyles?

I had the bangs since I was a kid. Because I like Japanese cartoon style Therefore kept this shape all the time When doing other styles, I am not sure. May have made some curls But the bang must have Without a bang, people might not be able to remember.

To be a celebrity fan in the online world What do you have to do about it?

May not be very sweet. Because we have to set an example for children with a lot of uncensored pictures.

Young spec. "Alice likes tall men. The higher the better Because we can wear high heels In the past, we never had a girlfriend who made us wear high heels. And also likes men wearing glasses The character is neat and nerdy.

If you are in love with Alice, why will others be jealous?

Because Alice is very much in love with her girlfriend. And was very perverted with a lot of things, too, all the time Not a person who bothered his girlfriend. I like my girlfriend to be nearby all the time. Attach other fans to be jealous because Girlfriend is always with us. Then pampered the girlfriend

"If you love it, will you love it back?" How would you respond?

Will reply that I love Because Alice loves everyone (laughs).


"is a rather shy person. I can't speak well And a hundred percent sweet girl. "

" Our identity is clear ... Pretty face, but sexy. "

" Actually, we still don't know that When are we a net idol? "

" Usually, I rarely go out. Because of social media. "

" People who talk badly about us We also look at it with determination ... Use it to push yourself. "

" Believe you can do it ... Do not think that tomorrow will reduce. It has to start today. "

" It may not be very sweet. Because we have to set an example for children. "

" Like a tall man ... And also likes men wearing glasses Character looks neat, nerdy. "

" Alice is very much in love with her girlfriend. And was very perverted too "

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