Top 5 SEX BOMBS Over 60s From Helen Mirren to Jane Seymour, the age-defying secrets of the sexiest women over 60

They looked sensational on screen in their 20s – and these actors are still oozing sex appeal decades later.

A survey by online marketplace has revealed the sexiest screen actors over 60, based on Google searches and a poll.

It found that more than 7,000 people a month search “nudes” of 75-year-old Helen Mirren and more than 300 are eager for a naked shot of Arnold Schwarzenegger, even though he’s 73.

So how have these golden oldies kept in such good shape?

Lauren Libbert reveals the top five sexiest men and women over 60, and their age-defying secrets.

1. Jane Seymour, 69

Former Bond girl Jane became the oldest ever star to pose for Playboy in 2018 aged 67.

The secret to her incredible body is a rigorous exercise routine.

“Sometimes I do ballet exercises wherever I am, even at airports waiting for luggage,” she said recently.

But her top tip for ageing so well?

Drinking water with lemon juice and rind in it and eating earlier, rather than late at night.

2. Susan Sarandon, 73

Oscar winning Susan, who has always been confident showing off her body, puts her youthful glow down to good genes, not smoking, staying hydrated and not doing anything too extreme.

She also raves about the benefits of a water machine to filter out toxins – as well as plenty of laughter and sex.

Plus, as a co-owner of SPiN, a chain of table tennis clubs and bars, she swears by the benefits of playing ping-pong.

3. Jane Fonda, 82

Her space-traveller sex kitten role in the 1968 cult classic film Barbarella turned Jane into a bona fide bombshell, but the Hollywood actress is still causing a stir decades later – even strutting her stuff on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week in 2017 aged 79.

Her secrets to looking youthful are to never skip breakfast, eat healthy snacks, such as red grapes and cottage cheese, don’t shop when you’re hungry, keep a food diary and eat slowly and chew well.

4. Helen Mirren, 75

She has spent the best part of the last five decades dazzling audiences worldwide, and is seldom shy to strip off.

Helen swears by the Royal Canadian Air Force Workout, a 12-minute daily exercise routine which involves repeating stretches such as toe touches, knee raises and other bends.

It was created back in the 1950s to keep new recruits at a basic level of fitness.

5. Sigourney Weaver, 70

Her unconsciously sexy role as Ripley in 1979 sci-fi Alien put her on Hollywood’s A-list.

But while still as glamorous as ever, Sigourney admits staying in shape involves more effort now she’s older.

She keeps fit with Pilates, gardening, walking her dogs and running up several flights of stairs a day.

“I am vain like most actors,” she said in 2014.

But she isn’t obsessed by ageing, warning women: “Don’t let us become frightened of age.”

And the men are hot too...

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