When Priyanka Chopra admitted to lesbian?

When Priyanka Chopra had appeared on Koffee With Karan season 4, here's what she had said about having a lesbian encounter. Host Karan Johar had quizzed her during the rapid fire round.

It's always fun to watch Priyanka Chopra's interviews! She never minces her words and is so unbashed while making confessions on subjects that most of the celebrities aren't comfortable discussing on a public platform. Well, an example of the same was seen during an episode of Koffee With Karan season 4.

It dates back to 2016 when Priyanka had appeared on KWK with Deepika Padukone. No doubt, both the ladies were a house on fire. However, while DP had her diplomatic face on by making safe revelations, Priyanka didn't think twice before speaking like - it is what it is.

Among the many personal, controversial questions, host Karan Johar decided to ask the ladies if they ever had a lesbian encounter. To which, Deepika replied with a "Huh?" in amusement but Priyanka assertively nodded saying, 'Yes'. Deepika then diverted the topic by commenting on KJo's actions as she spotted him rubbing his knee. However, after sharing a hearty laugh with both Deepika and Priyanka, Karan went back to Priyanka's admission to lesbian encounter to know more about it. And Priyanka unhesitatingly added,  "As in like, I have been propositioned...Encounters I wouldn't know but I have been propositioned, yes...". Karan Johar couldn't believe it as he amusingly reacted, "Really? I wasn't expecting that!" 

That way, Priyanka has always voiced in favour of the LGBTQ community and believes in celebrating love in all possible ways. In 2020, during the Pride month, Priyanka had shared a beautiful post in accordance with the same and had a caption that read, "I stand for love. ⁣Happy #Pride! " The quote on the photo read, "Love is Love, Love is Non-Discriminatory, Love is Universal, Love is Beautiful, Love is Unconditional, Love is Warmth, Love is Powerful, Love is To Be Celebrated."

Meanwhile, in other news, Priyanka recently made headlines for allegedly violating COVID-19 rules in London by visiting a salon. She was trending for wrong reasons on social media. However, later, her team issued a clarification, debunking all the speculations. 

"Following government guidance, Priyanka's hair was coloured for the purpose of the film she is currently shooting in London. The salon was opened privately for the production and everyone involved had been tested and followed both the DCMS working guidelines and the film production regulations. As I am sure you are aware, Film and TV production is permitted to continue in the UK, and locations can continue to accommodate shoots and recces that are carried out in-line with government guidelines. The exemption paperwork legally permitting here to be there was provided to the police, and they left satisfied", read the statement as quoted by Metro.co.uk.

On the professional front, Priyanka recently wrapped up the shoot of her next, Text For You.

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