Celebrities with 30B Bra Size: Is 30B Bra Size really small? All bout 30 B Cup Size

What is 30B bra size?

You very well know that bra size is the band size and cup size. If the woman has band size 30 inches and bust size 32 inches, then her bra size is 30B bra size. Why B? ‘B’ is the cup size, which is determined by the difference between the bust size and the band size. When the difference between bust and band is 2 inches than it is sized as B.

30B falls under small breasts category. A woman with 30 inches band size is a woman with slender figure and B cup is also not so big. Nonetheless this size is attractive.

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Is 30B bra size really small?

Definitely not. There are even smaller sizes than 30B and 30B is near to average size. You are 30B bra size and if you are thinking you are too small and not sexy, you are wrong. Most of the redditors state that they prefer small boobs than the big ones. With the perfect bra and right sized dress, you will look hot as hell. Be proud of what you got and love them.

But if you really want to increase the size of your breasts, then you need to put on some weight. The size of the breasts can also increase during the pregnancy as well. Sometimes the birth control pill can increase breasts size as the side effect for some women. And there is always the option of breasts implants. But we don’t recommend it to those who have small frame, as there is high chance of looking fake because there won’t be much of natural tissues to cover the implants. And natural is always the best. Also, small boobs don’t sag.

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International Conversion of 30B Bra Size

US – 30B

UK – 30B

Europe – 65B

Australia – 8B

France – 80B

Sister sizes of 30B Bra Size

US – 28C, 32A, 34AA

UK – 26D, 28C, 32A, 34AA

Europe – 70A, 75AA

Australian – 10A, 12AA

French – 85A, 90AA

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Celebrities with 30B Bra Size

Most people think that only larger bust is attractive and smaller is not. Be proud of your size and look at these beautiful ladies with 30B bra size:

Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas – American recording artist, record producer, dancer and actress

Erin Sanders – American actress

Audrey Tautou – French actress

Juno Temple – English actress

Sandra Oh – Canadian actress

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