Can India qualify for Asia Cup 2022 final after Super 4 loss to Sri Lanka?

India in Asia Cup 2022 Super Four: Rohit Sharma’s team India can still qualify for the final should the results in the upcoming matches work in its favour. 

India suffered a six-wicket defeat to Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup 2022 Super 4 match in Dubai on Tuesday.

The loss diminished India’s chances of reaching the final and defending its crown. The two-time defending champion now faces a situation where its qualification for the final depends on other results - Pakistan’s to be precise.

Can India still qualify for the Asia Cup 2022 final?

India’s road to the final now depends on Pakistan’s results in its remaining Super 4 matches against Afghanistan (Wednesday) and Sri Lanka (Friday).

India will require Pakistan to lose both matches. It will also need to beat Afghanistan by a big margin on Thursday. The equation could still narrow down to an NRR knockout between India, Afghanistan and Pakistan even if all of the aforementioned results go in India’s favour.

Asia Cup 2022 Super Four results

    ⦿ Sri Lanka 179/6 (19.1) beat Afghanistan 175/6 (20) by four wickets
    ⦿ Pakistan 182/5 (19.5) beat India 181/7 (20) by five wickets
    ⦿ Sri Lanka 174/4 (19.5) beat India 173/8 (20) by six wickets

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