Fake or Real: Did Simpson Predict Queen Elizabeth II’s Death?

How on earth could Simpson foresee the future with such accuracy that no one anticipated it?
Many futuristic events have occurred in recent years, and we subsequently learned that Simpson had foretold them in one of their episodes.

The transition from life through death to the metaverse. They've done it again, since the programme also foretold Queen Elizabeth's demise and it went viral across all social media channels.

It's frightful and terrible. Because no one knows what else they have predicted and their predictions are becoming more accurate.

Simpsons foresaw the passing of Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth, the reigning monarch of England, passed away a few days ago, and Prince Charles was sworn in as the new monarch. There was a funeral, and condolence emails were issued. 

Digitally manipulated image allegedly from the Simpsons

Misbar's team discovered the image is a digitally changed version of an earlier photograph that was also shown to be phoney after running a reverse image search on Google.

The widely shared image is a modified version of the viral image that was used to support the claim that the death of former U.S. president Donald Trump was predicted by "The Simpsons."
Misbar had already refuted the assertion.

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