It was a mistake to take the extension Pak Ex COAS, Such behavior was not expected from Imran Khan: General Bajwa


It was a mistake to take the extension, such behavior was not expected from Imran Khan, If I tell even 5% of what I know, the opponents will have no place to hide their faces: Ex COAS General Bajwa 

Rawalpindi: Former Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has said that Imran Khan gave him extension without his consent. I think it was a mistake to take the extension. I am in the country after retirement and will not go out. Many mistakes have been made by me and the army in the past, we have learned from them and should not repeat them.

Senior journalist Javed Chaudhary has described his meeting and conversation with former Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa in his column. According to the senior journalist, General Bajwa is saddened by the news about his assets. He knows that the FBR officials leaked the data of 50 people after taking 2 million rupees and the reporter defamed him by putting the assets of Sabir Mithu in his account.

According to a senior journalist, General Bajwa is now conducting a forensic audit of his assets. From 1980 when his salary was just 14 and a half hundred rupees and when he retired on 29 November 2022, he will account for every penny of his 42 years and then make the forensic report public.

The senior journalist further wrote that the perception of differences between General Faiz Hameed and General Bajwa is common, while the actual situation is different. General Faiz Hameed also came to meet him after his retirement and the two are now working on a welfare project together.

He said that Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan is a friend of his Samdhi Saber Mithu, Muhammad Zubair is a friend and classmate of General Bajwa's uncle Anjum Waraich, Aleem Khan's father-in-law Raja Muhammad Saber (late) is a friend of his father-in-law General Ijaz Amjad, and in this connection he had three meetings with Aleem Khan.

General Bajwa said that Jahangir came with Imran Khan at his house for the first time. I recognize Imran Khan's few qualities, but Nawaz Sharif always respected him. He spoke to Nawaz Sharif only once on the phone after 2017 and that too he called Mian Sahib to condole the death of Begum Kulsoom. what was 

Appreciating the performance and hard work of some ministers of Ex PM Imran Khan's cabinet, he said that the performance of Hafeez Sheikh and Farogh Naseem was very good. He called Usman Buzdar and Shahzad Akbar the main reason for Imran Khan's failure.

He said that the country can run only through democracy, economic stability and dialogue. Politicians should shoulder their own burden by sitting together and discussing so that the army can focus on security. Politics is not the job of the army.

General Bajwa said that there is a lot of regret about the extension, but it is true that Imran Khan took this decision without taking him into confidence. Afghanistan, India and internal affairs were so confused till then that I had to accept the decision but it was my mistake. I will stay in Pakistan after retirement. Will not take temporary or permanent residence in any other country.

He said that Mir Sadiq and Mir Jafar's speeches were saddened by the title of treason and the narrative of conspiracy. If I tell even five percent of what I know, the opponents will have no place to hide their faces, but they will not respond. I have left my case to Allah. Both me and the army have made many mistakes in the past. We have learned from those mistakes and we do not want to repeat them.

General Bajwa said that he recognized the honesty, professionalism and love of the country of General Asim Munir. General Asim knows Arabic language. Understands all matters of Gulf well. They have very good relations with royal families. He serve as  DGMIs and DGISI are complete soldiers and can withstand all kinds of pressure, so he will easily deal with the internal and external challenges of the army.

The former army chief is afraid that trolling may not start against the new army chief like him and if it happens, God willing, it will be very dangerous for the country. I am a supporter of both grand dialogue and democracy. After so many favors for Imran Khan, his behavior was not expected at all.

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