Playboy model Marisa Papen naked shoot at Turkey's famous mosque

Playboy model Marisa Papen sparks outrage by FLASHING while wearing a burka at Turkey's famous Hagia Sophia mosque

MARISA Papen opened up about her flesh-flashing hobby. After she stripped off in the Hagia Sophia last month, the Playboy model revealed her motivations.

Marisa Papen refuses to give up her passion for exhibitionism.

In 2017, the controversial blogger was jailed after she was caught posing naked at an ancient Egyptian temple.

And last June, she sparked fury by streaking at holy sites in Jerusalem.

Following these controversies, the Playboy model revealed why she decided to strip off again.

In recent weeks, Marisa conducted a daring photoshoot in Istanbul, Turkey.

She bared her bottom half outside the Hagia Sophia, a religious landmark that has stood since 537 AD.

In a jaw-dropping image taken by Jesse Walker for ENKI Eyewear, the brazen Belgian could be seen flashing her intimate areas in the doorway.

Even though tourists and locals could be seen walking around behind her, the exhibitionist didn’t seem to worry about getting caught.
In an interview with Central European News, Marisa explained why it was so tricky to conduct the photoshoot.

She said: “We did not have a solid plan this time.

“No preparation at all, but endless imagination and a pretty strong foundation.

"After waiting in a long queue to enter, we were caught off guard with the amount of security cameras there. They literally have every square centimetre covered.

"We decided to wait for a guided group and while the guide was telling his story and everyone was paying attention, it was game-time."

Photographer Jesse added that it was easy for them to conceal themselves among the busting tourists.

He explained: "If you’ve ever been to the Hagia Sophia, you will know there’s never a day without thousands of people being around at all times.

"It was all done very spontaneously. Inside the mosque, we were hidden in plain sight.

“There is also a serene calmness inside which helped everything unfold the way it was supposed to.

"We even went back for a second time the next day because we were not happy with the initial shots.”

Even though the photoshoot ran smoothly, the pair claim they were questioned by police over their actions.

This is unlikely to stop them from taking similar pictures in the future.

Marisa addmited that the fear of being caught is what makes her exibitionism feel so thrilling.

She said: "Jesse and I like to think of ourselves as a modern day Bonnie and Clyde on a James Bond mission, loving every minute for the danger that continuously presents itself to us."

Jesse added: "It can be extremely testing mentally, physically and also between us, but It is always a real adventure."

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