See Pics: This is the coldest village in the world Watch Life in -50C temperatures

YOU won't grumble about the snow after looking at snaps of the coldest village in the world. Locals of Oymyakon, Russia, are battling -39C temperatures.

As a flurry of snow hits the UK, the nation is in meltdown.

Following the Met Office’s amber weather warning, roads and airports have shut.

An estimated one million Brits have also taken the day off work – which has been a source of amusement for some Twitter users.

So is the situation that bad in Blighty compared to other places in the world?
Oymyakon, Russia, is considered to be the coldest village in the world.

In the settlement of 500 people, temperatures have reached -39C.

While you may think these conditions are inhabitable, the small community is still able to function.

As the average temperature is -50C, students are required to attend school in the harsh weather.

Pupils can only hope for a snow day if the conditions plummet below -55C.

Despite the fact that the floor is icy throughout the year, due to permafrost, the region does catch a glimpse of sun in the summer months.

Most years, temperatures sink below 0°C from September to May.
June and July are the only months that have never dipped below 10C.

During the village's warmest month ever, residents basked in average temperatures of 18C.

This unusual warm spell took place in July 2010.

Another small blessing is that the region doesn’t experience too much rain or snowfall due to the dry climate.

While pictures of the icy settlement may make you feel glad to be in Britain, the village is frequented by brave tourists.
In a previous Daily Star Online poll, 64% readers said they’d visit Oymyakton.

While 640 voted in favour of experiencing the arctic conditions, 360 said it looked “way too cold” for them.

If you are interested in travelling to the village, there are various ways to do so.

The closest airport is Ust-Nera, which is still a 14 hour drive away from Oymyakton.

Companies, such as VisitYakutia, offer tours to the location.

These include transport with a driver and accommodation.

In some instances, you can also book a tour guide who is knowledgeable about the area.

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